11 Common Makeup Mistakes That Must be Avoided

11 Common Makeup Mistakes That Must be Avoided

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Everybody likes to have a nice, flawless and a glamorous look when it comes to makeup. Some of us even love experimenting with different looks and makeup styles. The basic makeup which most women use almost daily comprises of foundation, face powder, eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss or lipstick. However, the most important thing that matters is the way you put it on and whether the cosmetics you are using are according to your skin type or not. Neglecting which, most women make a few makeup mistakes which can result in giving them a weird look.

A proper makeup look requires patience, skill and good knowledge of the technicalities. One needs to be conscious while putting on the powder or while drawing the brow line to keep one’s makeup look natural and enhance beauty. But there are certain basic things which one needs to bear in mind. The below-mentioned makeup mistakes can completely bring down the entire look that you were craving for:


11 Most Common  Makeup Mistakes

1. The Wrong Foundation

Make sure that your face is properly hydrated, especially if you are having dry or mixed skin as this usually lead to show patchiness on your face and make the wrinkles all the more obvious. On the other hand, if you are having oily skin, then it would be better suggested to wash the oil away before applying makeup. Fill your kit with the cosmetics designed for your skin type.

The foundation colour which does not completely match to that of your skin type will appear like a different layer of skin when applied. So, make sure that you have tested the colour of your foundation beforehand, and even if there is any dilemma regarding the shade, it is always better to apply it on the jawline during day time. If the colours match and the foundation is almost invisible, apparently, then it is the right colour. And applying foundation on the dry and flaky skin will only make the dryness too apparent. Hence, it is better to keep exfoliating.

Most of the ladies miss their ears and neck while applying a base coat on their face. This, in turn, gives a weird look and spoils the flawlessness caused by the makeup on your skin. So next time do not forget to apply the foundation on your ears and neck too.

Blushes and eye-shadows should be according to your skin tone, not every colour suits each one of us. Experimenting too many bright colours on your face makes the look over-complicated. A medium or natural tone gives a more sophisticated look.

 2. Hydrated

From the above, we get to know that dry and flaky skin is hard to hide. So, it is always an excellent idea to keep your skin hydrated. To do that, plenty of water will suffice. The more water your body has, the better it is for your skin.

3. Blending Techniques

It is important for us to buy the right products; it is also of immense importance to know how to blend the products properly there are certain products available in the market for blending. There are sponges and products which can blend everything almost like magic.


4. Eyebrows

Eyebrows are all the rage at this point of time. Proper shape of your eyebrow can completely change the way you look and hence it is important that you pluck your eyebrow in the right manner. Trimmed and shaped eyebrows look good but getting them too thin and drawing a Nike sign gives an odd look on your face. So, do not over-tweeze your eyebrows. A white eyeliner works for those who have small eyes as it gives an illusion of big eyes; however, it does not suit everyone. So, use it according to your eyes.

5. Applying too much Powder

Extra powder caking up on one’s face is never a good idea. So, using more powder will not serve your purpose, but using the right amount can change the entire look. Many women think that applying face powder gives a clean look. However over-powdering and not applying it only where required leave your face looking dry, white and cakey and many a time may also settle in your fine lines and wrinkles.

6. Primer is necessary, indeed

Primer is the base of your makeup. A primer is as important as is any other product.

7. A lot of Bronzer

Bronzer, when applied with the right intention can provide one with the chic look which can be out of this world. But the overuse of bronzer can make one’s skin look orange, and that is something not at all desirable.

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8.Inappropriate Lip Liner

The most common makeup mistake that most of the ladies do which spoils the entire look is wearing a lip-liner that’s too dark. Lip-liner indeed gives a nice shape to your lips, but it’s always recommended to use a lip-liner that’s just one shade darker to your lip colour. Too dark or different coloured liners give an odd look and bulging out lips. It would spoil the entire effort that you have done on your face.

9. Age-Appropriate Makeup

Makeup is such a thing which must be done according to one’s age. This does not mean that one needs to make up any differently but should be done keeping the age factor in mind.

10. Too much Makeup

Too much of anything is never good, and the same goes with makeup because when we apply lots of things on our skin, it looks cakey and disgusting.

11. Sunscreen

Sunscreen cannot be replaced by anything because it is vital. Without proper protection, your skin is exposed to certain harmful rays that will not only affect your skin but will also ruin your makeup.

The most effective way to use makeup is to apply it in a way that accentuates a single feature. Do not try to draw attention to every part of the face as it gives an awful look. Instead, choose a single part of the face (particularly your best feature) and do most of the work there. Use a light touch up with the rest of the face, as it will produce a more natural and attractive look.

These are basic makeup mistakes that one does while following daily makeup routine. So, if you can avoid these, you will never have to worry about damaging your skin or ruining your makeup.

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