5 Instant Skin Whitening Tips to Rejuvenate Yourself

5 Instant Skin Whitening Tips to Rejuvenate Yourself

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People tend to apply several skin lotions and try various kinds of makeup to look fair, and some even go through surgeries. None of these is worth the penny since their effects remain only for a certain period. Not only that but these have side effects too which may prove fatal in the later years. But a few know that getting a fair skin is quite easy these days with natural skin whitening tips. Instant whitening can be had immediately and that too without any trouble.

Some of the Natural Skin Whitening Tips are as follows:

• Lemon Juice: Lemon Juice can do wonders to the skin, and all of us are very much aware of its benefits. It has an excellent effect on the teeth, digestion and also helps to boost up the energy level. Other than these, the lemon juice also contains certain components which help in the whitening of the skin. Mixing some lemon juice with water and then applying to the skin with cotton and then washing it off after 15 minutes can bring an instant glow to the skin. Using this for at least 2 to 3 days a week is recommended for the desired results.

Benefits of Lemon


Lemon and Milk: Since the milk has a lot of enzymes in it, it works as a skin whitener. It has several moisturising components and also balances the astringent elements of the lemon juice which usually makes the skin dry. Adding a cup of milk in hot water and squeezing some lemon juice into the water and then getting soaked in it for around 20 minutes can cleanse the entire body. This should be done at least once a week.

• Tomato: Tomato is known to be the component which removes sun tan and burns and also cleanses the skin by removing the dead cells from them. Adding a few tomatoes to a mixture of gram flour and lemon juice and then applying them to the skin can keep the skin free from sunburns. This is recommended to be used daily before going for the shower.

Beauty Benefits of Tomatoes
• Exfoliation: Several exfoliation methods are also available to get fairer skin instantly. They tend to remove the dead cells of the skin and give it a natural and refreshing glow to the skin. A mixture of salt scrub and sugar can be used to solve this purpose. A mix of crushed oatmeal and almonds can also be used as an exfoliate by rubbing them in a circular motion on the skin. This gives a polished look.

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