5 Unbeatable Home Remedies for Facial Swelling!

5 Unbeatable Home Remedies for Facial Swelling!

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The problem of waking up with a puffy face is quite common, and this is what the article is all about! We have come up with these unbeatable home remedies for facial swelling!

Do you wake up with that swollen and puffy face in the morning? It just ruins your day as you might not want to go out with that swollen face.It is a quite normal occurrence that can happen to anyone and you do not have to rush to the doctor immediately! But yes, if you have been experiencing a massive swelling, you may visit a doctor.

There can be many causes for that swollen and puffy face. Excessive drinking, excessive salt intake, inadequate sleep or may be the pressure of pillow against your face can lead to that swollen face. A swollen face is quite normal during pregnancy whereas excessive swelling can be a reason for worry. Fortunately, we have some home remedies which can help you to get rid of that swollen face. Let’s just explore!

Remedies For Facial Swelling:

1.Ice Packs

A cold compress can help you to deal with your swollen face. You can use an ice wrapped in a towel as a remedy to treat your swollen face. What if you don’t have ice at the moment? What you can do is, just take some cold water in a bowl and dip a cloth into it. Now, you can gently press it over your swollen face and hold it there for around half a minute. You can repeat this remedy few times a day for immediate relief. It will also help numb the pain and would leave you with the feeling that you’ll be okay.

2.Drink Plenty of Water

Water helps in hydrating the skin and also keeps you refreshed. Drink plenty of water if you are greeted with that swollen face every day!

Drink Water

3.Hot Compress

A hot compress can help you deal with a swollen face. What you can do is, prepare a warm compress and start pressing it on the swollen part. Doing so will improve the blood circulation to the swollen area, and it can also speed up the healing process.

What if you don’t have a hot compress? Don’t worry you can prepare some hot water and gently press on the affected area using a cloth. You can repeat this remedy a few times a day for best results.

4. Cut Down your Sodium Intake

Minimise your sodium intake as high levels of sodium contribute to swelling. So just try avoiding foods with high levels of sodium and drink lots of water to flush the salt from your system.

What you can do is, just start choosing water over beverages that contain high levels of sodium. You can also increase the cleansing property of water by adding cucumber and lemon slices into your diet.


The remedy is one of the most effective remedies for the swollen face. Potatoes have been known to provide sustenance but did you know they are even good for relieving pain and inflammation? Yes!it is true! Raw potatoes have an incredibly cooling effect that can work well to help you get rid of that puffy face. This is a natural remedy that can do wonders to your skin.

Potatoes Juice

What you can do is, just peel and cut a potato and you can directly place the raw slices on the affected area. Keep it there for around 15 minutes. You can also use potato in another way, just boil one potato until it’s cooked and place the boiled potato in the middle of a thin towel and you can mash it up. Now, you can wrap the mashed potato in the same cloth and place it onto your swollen face, and it will work as a hot compress to give you instant pain relief.

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Make sure that you sleep in the right posture, and there’s no extra pressure on your face while sleeping as the pressure of pillow against your face can lead to that swollen face. So, these are some of the remedies for facial swelling. Just make use of these remedies and say goodbye to swollen face!

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