Age gracefully but still have a Glowing Skin

Age gracefully but still have a Glowing Skin

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To maintain radiant and youthful skin, you need to have a proper routine of skin care which should be accompanied by a great diet. In this diet, you must include certain foods which will help you to maintain beautiful skin throughout your life. Here are some of the foods which will help you to have a Glowing Skin for an extended period of time.



Oranges help to hydrate the skin as it is filled with water. Vitamin C which is packed in one large orange will help produce collagen which will keep the skin supple and plump. Isn’t good skin we all striving for? The more hydrated your skin is, the better it is for the skin’s health



Oats, when applied as a scrub on your skin will help you exfoliate in a beautiful way. But when you have it in or along with your breakfast, it adds to the complex carbohydrate simply because they are low glycemic. This means that it won’t boost your blood sugar like a piece of bread would have, and so this will show on your skin. It has natural plant chemicals, which will prevent damage to skin cells and the skin irritation also gets soothed.


Avocados not only taste good, but they are really good for your skin. They have monosaturated fat, the kind of healthy fat, which is required to maintain a hydrated skin type. Also, they can absorb nutrients and various sorts of Vitamins which will keep the skin healthy and glowing.

Grapes for Glowing Skin

If you have inflammation of any kind, the resveratrol, commonly found in the skin of the grapes will help soothe it. It also helps protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.


Riboflavin, several kinds of minerals and vitamins and phosphorous present in the pomegranate is bound to increase the level of collagen in the skin. And we all know how supple our skin can turn because of collagen.



The elasticity of your skin when your skin is youthful and properly hydrated is what a banana can help you attain during that latter part of the years, because of the Vitamin C and B-6 present in a banana. Also the manganese and the antioxidants which it contains prevent premature ageing.


Apple is probably one of the best fruit available regarding its nutrients value. We all know the saying- An apple a day keeps the Doctor Away.

The list can go on and on, but these are some of the foods we can add to our diet. This way, we can maintain youthful skin and prevent ageing, naturally. We all know that chemicals would harm us in the long run, so there is no other alternative to fruits and healthy food.

So, go on and pack your refrigerator with these food items and stay healthy; and for more such unique health tips, keep visiting us at

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