Best 8 Tips To Take Care of Your Newly Pierced Ears and Nose

Best 8 Tips To Take Care of Your Newly Pierced Ears and Nose

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Earlier, Piercing had a traditional value whereas it has become more of a style nowadays. In most of the Asian countries, Piercing is an important part of their tradition and culture, and you won’t believe girls were even forced to get their ears and nose pierced sometimes.The scenario has completely changed today; now people are so much in love with this piercing trend that they do not care about the pain and problems they may face during and after piercing.Sounds exciting? So, are you going to get your nose and ears pierced today? Well, you can, but let us warn you that the task is quite painful and it might take some days, weeks or even a month to get cured completely. Scared? Should you change your mind then? Not at all! You do not have to be scared at all! Every problem has a solution so is with piercing! We won’t let you suffer anymore! Here are the best tips to take care of your newly pierced ears and nose. However, the pain partly depends on where it’s located, for example, earlobe piercing is most common, and it doesn’t hurt much as the area is fleshy whereas piercing at the top of the ear or the inner part of ear cartilage might be a hurtful one.Why do you need these tips to take care of your newly pierced ears and nose ?

Well, if you keep the area untreated, the pain will increase, and if it continues for more than a 4-5 days, there are chances of getting an infection that you would never want! So, here are the Tips To Take Care of Your Newly Pierced Ears And Nose so that you can continue enjoying the latest Fashion Treads without having to bother about the Pain.

Tips to take care of Newly pierced ears and nose

Tips To Take Care of Your Newly Pierced Ears And Nose

1. Salt Water

Why Salt? Salt comes with antibacterial properties which can help you to clean your pierced area. How can you use it? Just heat up some water and keep it aside for 4-5 minutes. Now, add some salt to it, and you can directly clean the contaminated area with it. Make sure you clean the area daily to prevent any infection.

2. Lavender Oil

You can apply Lavender oil on the pierced area as it can help reduce the redness and pain. You’ll notice a soothing effect, and it will also hasten the drying process.

3. Ice Cubes

Applying the ice directly to the pierced area can be so relaxing, that you can witness the result if you use it regularly for treating the soreness, redness and swelling.
Don’t have ice at the moment? So are you supposed to wait? No, you don’t have to take any risk. Meanwhile, you can take some cold water and dip cotton into it. Now, you can dab on the affected area; it will help you to get rid of the pain and redness. But will it be enough if you do it today only?No, it won’t be, if you do not do it regularly as everything takes time and doing it for a day only won’t work.

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4. Turmeric And Hot Oil

No, you do not have to hurt your skin by applying hot oil on your skin, make sure it’s not very hot and you can practice it without harming your skin. Heat some oil and let it chill off. Now, just add a pinch of turmeric to it as turmeric has an anti-bacterial property which can help you to deal with the pain quickly. Prepared a paste kind of stuff? Great! Just apply it to the pierced area.

5. Epsom Salt

Why Epsom Salt? It can help you to remove the infection from the skin. What you need to do is, just mix Epsom Salt with sea salt and add a few drops of hot oil. Now, soak the cotton in it, and you can directly apply it to the pierced area. Keep it there for 4-5 minutes as it will help treat skin infections. You can repeat the process twice a day to heal the area quickly.

6. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is one of the most trusted home remedies to take care of your pierced area. Why? It’s because it helps to get rid of bump infection and tea tree oil can be helpful to treat your affected area.

7. Alcohol

Well, alcohol is still not good for your health, but you can use it for treating your ear piercing infection. Pour some alcohol in a bowl and soak cotton in it. Now, you can gently rub alcohol thrice a day on the pierced area.

8. Warm Compress

Why warm compress? Well, it can enhance the blood flow that helps to get rid of the pain and redness of the affected area. You can give some warm compress on the pierced part for about 3 minutes and leave it there for few minutes. Doing so can help to ensure the blood flow which increases the blood flow to the affected area. Try this one for quick healing.

So, you can still go with the fashion and trend. We hope you take help of these tips To Take Care of Your Newly Pierced Ears and Nose. There are a lot of painkillers and medicines available in the market, but you can try out these remedies at home in minor pain and redness. Do not forget to visit a dermatologist if it continues for more than a week to avoid any infection. Meanwhile, you can trust these remedies for taking care of your newly pierced nose and ears.

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