Changing makeup with the changing season !

Changing makeup with the changing season !

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You all want to look the best to grab the attention of those around you and a compliment from someone special adds to making the day just about perfect. But simply applying any makeup does not make anyone look beautiful. You must keep in mind certain points while choosing the makeup for yourself.

Changing makeup with the Changing Season:

Seasonal change brings in a change of lifestyle, including diet habits, dressing style and makeup. While carrying a pack of wet wipes is necessary during the summer; carrying a moisturiser and lip balm becomes essential in winter.

• Summer :

Summer season is the season when the sun’s rays are at its peak and you are exposed to the direct rays of the sun. It results in the tanning of your skin as you are exposed to the direct rays of the sun. It is the season when the application of sunscreen becomes an essential part of your daily routine before moving out of the home. The summer season is accompanied by sweat and stinking smell all around. Before applying makeup always remember to apply a hydrating moisturiser to keep your face sweat free. Choosing the foundation cream suiting your skin complexion should be kept in Mind. You must also ensure that the foundation completely blends with your skin, leaving no traces of its application visible. Coming to lipstick, light coloured lipstick and eye shadows are preferable complimenting your light coloured outfit.

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• Winter :

In winters, there is a less chance of exposure to the direct rays of the sun rays since most of the body parts remains covered by winter garments as protection against the chilling cold. But the chances of having dry skin are much more causing cracks in the skin, lips and feet. Application of Petroleum jelly is the best remedy to protect your feet and lips. Before applying makeup on your face don’t forget to ensure that you moisturise your face with an oily moisturiser so that your foundation gets blended well covering the open pores. Dark lipstick and smoky eye makeup will add on to your looks in the winter season.

• Spring :

This season gives ample opportunity of wearing bright coloured and sleeveless clothes thereby exposing your body to skin tan. While applying makeup, see that you put on a proper moisturiser that is not too oily, but can keep your skin hydrated and colour your lips with nude colour or pale pink lipstick, a simple black eyeliner and Kajal can give you a perfectly gorgeous yet simple look.

• Things to be remembered while choosing makeup:

Try avoiding local makeup products and go for branded products for base makeup. If you are having oily skin or a pimple prone skin, herbal makeup is most desirable. Ensure that you remove your makeup completely before going to bed. Using a cotton dipped in a drop of coconut oil is the best makeup removal method. Remember to use a toner and night cream to keep your skin fresh before sleeping. Always keep in mind-Makeup according to the season can contribute to your beauty while Makeup not keeping the season in mind can make you look disastrous.

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