Coconut Oil For Beautiful Skin And Hair

Coconut Oil For Beautiful Skin And Hair

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Right from calming down the untamable frizzy hair to relieving itchy skin, coconut oil has been our best friend in the beauty department. Our mothers and grandmothers have been using it for centuries, and the potent goodness of this old oil has been passed down from several generations! Organic, cold pressed, hard and reliable, coconut goodness is something that is a must for your vanity kit at all times. If you want to know how to use coconut oil for all your beauty needs, then here are five creative, tried and trusted ways!


A great makeup remover: Believe it or not, but a little bit of coconut oil soaked in a cotton sponge can clear up those tough-to-remove mascara and gel eyeliner stains off your eyes. Besides cleaning every last inch of makeup on your face, coconut oil replenishes the skin with moisture, is gentle and is a highly cost-effective alternative to the expensive makeup removing creams and lotions.

Soothe Frizzy Strands:

Coconut oil is full of healing properties and comes loaded with minerals and vitamins which work efficiently on those dry, limp strands of hair. If you want to get the shine back and nourish your scalp the right way, then use warm coconut oil thrice a week before you go to sleep. Wash in the morning with your favourite shampoo and gloat in the glory of your beautiful hair. If you struggle with a dandruff problem, you can take some coconut oil and mix a tablespoon of lemon juice and apply to the scalp to rid yourself of those dry white flakes.

Moisturise the Body:

According to a recent study, extra virgin coconut oil heals skin wounds extremely quickly and increases hydration. Coconut oil is truly a gift from nature for people who fight dry skin and cannot find a moisturiser that relieves them from the flaky, red, itchy skin. Regular application of coconut oil rejuvenates the skin and nourishes it from deep within which also brings about a natural glow. Something that even makeup can’t replace!

Coconut Oil as Facial Cleanser:

Adding a few drops of this oil to your daily skin regimen is like adding magic in a bowl. Since going all organic is a huge trend these days, one can add a few tablespoons of coconut oil to a tablespoon of sugar, honey, and lemon and clean the face and neck with a natural DIY facial cleanser. All natural and safe, this cleanser is going to make a big difference to your external appearance as well as help save money.

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Shave Legs:

Getting good shaving creams can be a real budget breaker every month. Instead, opt for the all organic coconut oil which works just as well if not better. Besides providing your skin with a smooth surface, it also heals and protects you from cuts and bumps, which are a common problem while shaving. If you have already invested in a shaving gel or cream, then you can add a few drops of this natural goodness to your shaving foam before you shave as that too will help improve skin quality.

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