Discover the Best ways to Prevent Hair Damage Now !

Discover the Best ways to Prevent Hair Damage Now !

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It is the desire of each and every individual to have a silky, lustrous and smooth Hair and all crave for it. A Healthy Hair is believed to be the byproduct of a healthy lifestyle. In our quest for having great Hair Styles, we at times end up doing things which could result in Hair Damage and we are not aware of it.

What is your Hair made up of?

Hair is made up of protein filaments which grow from the follicles found in our skin. The strands of your hair are made up of three layers namely; Medulla, Cortex and the cuticle. Medulla is an open and unstructured region. Cortex provides mechanical support and helps in water uptake of the hair. It also consists of melanin, which provides colour to the hair. The shape of our hair fibres is related to the shape of your hair. The cuticle is the outer covering.Your skin gets the maximum of its protection from the very tiny to long hair present over the surface itself. Hair can easily sense the air movements and touch by the physical objects. Also, the eyelashes protect your eyes from dirt. Hair has been the best skin saviours of all time.


Tips to Prevent Hair Damage:

We know that unlimited use of bleaches, flat irons and curlers and using a lot of styling products aren’t exactly the best things for your hair. Exposure to chemicals on a daily basis causes hair damage bit by bit. You might find ponytails, shampoos and hair repairing masks pretty harmless, right? But what if we tell that you are grossly mistaken! You’ve always believed that these are healthy for your hair, but are they Really Safe and Healthy?

Here are a few things which you should not be doing to your Hair. Stop doing them right away if you love your hair:

Bleaching: Hair bleaches penetrate the cuticle with harmful chemicals and remove your natural pigment. Changing the structure of these skins makes your scalp more prone to hair damage.

Hair Growth

Perms: This is the permanent straightening or chemically curling. It breaks down the intimate bonds of the hair which are later re-formed back together in different ways. It leads to hair damage as your hair become dull and weak.

Flat-iron and blow-drying: Heat causes a temporary change in the chemical structure of one’s hair. The hydrogen bonds that hold the hair are broken down by these instruments leaving your scalp more susceptible to hair damage.

Same hairstyle every day: Your hair gets tired of the same hairstyles, don’t you? Placing tension on the similar areas every day can result in weak hair and eventually hair fall. Try different styles and use good quality hair ties.

Healthy Hair


Cleanliness Geek: Are you the Monica of F.R.I.E.N.D.S when it comes to cleanliness? It’s good to be a cleanliness geek but not when it comes to your hair. The motive of shampooing is to cleanse the scalp and remove the oil buildup. But over-washing them, washes away the natural moisture from your hair, making them unhealthy. Figure out what suits best for your hair and stick to that.

Do you sleep with wet hair? If yes, then you should stop doing it immediately. We understand it’s easy to twist freshly washed hair into braids or making a messy bun and sleep and then waking up to beautiful waves and curls. But, it’s not a good idea if you are prone to dandruff. Dandruff flakes appear if you rest your wet head against a damp pillowcase for six to eight hours, due to fungal infection. Try to shampoo a few hours before sleeping.

Over- Brushing: Do you think that 100 strokes a day are going to make your full and shiny? Well, think again. Over-brushing can cause split ends and reduced strength. Brush them nicely and slowly when you feel its desired with high-quality hairbrushes to avoid breakage.

Hair Damage

What should you do to improve your Hair Health?

We understand you love your hair. You can’t afford any more losses because the hair damage is already done. Focus on improving the condition of your hair instead of crying over the loss. Here are few ways by which you can improve the situation and prevent hair damage.

1. Don’t ditch the hair styling products: If you want to flat straight your hair or curl them up temporarily, never (Yes, you heard it right) never forget to use your hair styling products. This way you’re heating the product and not the hair.

Selecting The Best Shampoo For Your Hair

2. Use extensions carefully: Don’t use hair extensions that are too tight. It damages your hair from the roots by causing a lot of tension. We understand your hair is too loud to take all the pressure but remember everything has a breaking point.

3. Trim Trim Trim: You should visit your hair salon and get all the damage cut. Your hair too needs a fresh start.

Hope the tips mentioned above will do a whole lot of good to your Hair health and achieve your objective of having a lustrous Hair. Hair is precious so do not neglect it at any cost and should you need any professional help do not shy away from visiting a professional salon for more help or a good dermatologist who could help alleviate your issues.

Preventive Health Checkup

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