Discover Surprisingly Amazing Uses of Baby Oil!

Discover Surprisingly Amazing Uses of Baby Oil!

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Do you remember the Baby oil ads that keep flashing on your television now and then? They claim to be good for your child’s skin but are they useful for you too? Here are a few Uses of Baby Oil which can very well surprise you and can be put to good use!

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What is Baby Oil?

Baby Oil is a fantastic product made for Baby’s ultra-sensitive skin. The baby oil we get in the market is mineral oil blended with perfumes. There have been so many claims regarding the side effects of Baby Oil, but many people trust it for its numerous benefits.

Baby Oil is made with 98% mineral oil and 2% of fragrance. Mineral Oil is known for softening the skin and also preventing it from losing moisture. It doesn’t clog the pores as well.

People believe mineral oil is not okay for the skin-Well, this is absolutely FALSE! It is a highly purified and refined form of crude oil. It is perfect for use if you want to get that glowing rejuvenated skin.

Baby oil or say mineral oil is safe, reasonably priced, and better than most of the products that are recommended by professionals. There are endless Uses of Baby Oil. Read on to discover these benefits.

Tips for Healthy skin

What are the Uses of Baby Oil?

1.Baby Oil for Skin

Baby Oil is known for keeping the skin healthy. It helps in retaining the moisture of the skin. Here are a few Uses of Baby Oil for Skin.

1. Remove makeup: Baby oil is used as a makeup remover by many women. It not only helps in getting rid of the makeup quickly but also soothes your skin. It may not be as good as castor oil, but it works equally well.

2. Cracked heels: If you have dry, cracked heals then you must try applying baby oil on your feet and massage it. For better results, wear socks overnight and wake up with lovely feet.

3. Protect your skin in the cold: In winters, many of us feel numbness in the skin. To cope up with the chilling cold weather, apply baby oil for that insulation.

4. Dry and flaky skin: If you have dry and flaky skin, then give a try to baby oil. Use baby oil to exfoliate and repair the damaged skin.

2.Baby Oil for Shaving

It can be used as an aftershave and at the time of shaving. Use it while removing hair for a smooth shaving experience. It will help the razor to glide on smoothly without causing any rashes or burn. Using it after a regular shave reduces irritation.


3.For Fighting Acne

Baby oil (Mineral oil) is Non-Comedogenic i.e. it doesn’t clog pores. You can use it in your favourite homemade face packs for treating acne. It adds value to them. Baby oil can be directly applied to the skin as well.

4.Baby Oil for Lubrication

Baby oil can be used as a lubricant in machinery. Although, we won’t suggest you use this; but, if you don’t have anything handy you can go with baby oil.

5.Baby Oil for Removing Stretch Marks

There is no other remedy like coconut oil and cocoa butter for removing stretch marks but using baby oil on stretch marks can also prevent them to some extent. It helps in repairing dry and patchy skin.

6.Stuck Zippers

You are running late, and suddenly your zippers get stuck, don’t panic. Just grab some baby oil and put a drop in the stuck zipper. It will soften up the track. If this doesn’t work, use candle wax.

7.Peeling a Bandage

It can be quite tough and scary to peel out bandages. You may not even want to do that because you might be afraid of hurting yourself. Grab some baby oil and put it over the bandage. It will help you in peeling it without any pain. It is also helpful in removing the bandage marks.

8. Remove Earwax with Baby Oil

Drop five to six drops of baby oil in your ear if you want to get rid of the in-ear clogging. You can warm it up and if you want to dissolve the earwax. Let the oil drain out onto a towel or handkerchief.

9. Use Baby Oil as Bath Oil

Baby oil is useful in making your skin soft and smooth. Just put a few drops into your Bathtub, and you’re good to go. Have a happy smooth and moisturised skin.

These were some Uses of Baby Oil.  There are numerous uses, but these were our favourite.

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