Embrace Easy Hairstyles to Conceal your Age !

Embrace Easy Hairstyles to Conceal your Age !

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Every woman wishes for a hairstyle that can take away a few years off their appearance. There is a myriad of hairstyles that can help to coat your wrinkles, define the jawline and emphasise the cheekbones instantly. Regardless of your hair length, type, texture, you can find lovely hairstyles that won’t reveal your real age.
Your hairstyles say a lot about you, it defines your personality and makes you look much more confident. So let’s discuss some beautiful yet simple hairstyles chosen by experts and hairstylist that can play the trick to making you look young forever.

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Wavy Hairstyles:

Whatever your age is, loose wavy hairstyles always complement the way you look. Some prefer pulling back their hair off the face while it may suit some yet it is not advisable for women who want to conceal their age. Plus loose hairs portray the face in a gorgeous way and so this could be an excellent option not only for teenagers but women of all ages. For some who cannot keep their hair loose, can make a free and flowing ponytail for creating a flattering look.


This simple hairstyle can work wonders as a facelift when done properly. So it is a great option for those with round face. It can instantly make you appear younger where all you need to do is to grab all your hair in a graceful way at the top of your head and tie them comfortably with a hairband. You can even encase the hairband with a lock of your hair to create a more glamorous and elegant look. It gives a smart look if you have hair long enough to rest on your shoulders.

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Side Parting:

Though middle parting suits most women, it can look very ordinary and mundane for a middle-aged woman. They can go for a side parting which aids in trimming down the face shape and reducing their age. Besides it also helps in creating a convincing hairline hiding all the imperfections to offer a stunningly gorgeous look.

Bob Hairstyles:

Bob cut is a classic style which can make a woman look glamorous instantly when done correctly. A Bob can make the cheeks appear fuller and much younger. So whenever you go to a good salon, elaborate your demands so that the stylist can cut your hair according to your age and face shape. An angled bob can be playful style, adding bangs with a bob may aid in concealing problem factors of the face. For women wanting to hide the wrinkles on the face, can opt for a short bang but they shouldn’t have a dark circle as it may highlight its appearance.

Side-swept bangs:

This hairstyle offers a more youthful and feminine look and can be one of the effective ways to hide the age. It is the best solution for women with a round face and wrinkled foreheads where the bangs make a face appear slimmer and frame the face beautifully.

Easy Hairstyles: Braids

Braids work well not only for young girls but also for mature women and so anyone regardless of her hair features can take advantage of this hairstyle to appear more youthful. Though this style takes time yet when done properly, it can proffer significant benefits. You can even style it with crowns or puffs for some special events to curtail your actual age. A carefree side braid can complement your looks while making you look innocently beautiful.

A great hairstyle can work wonders to conceal the real age as well as accent the lovely features of a woman. Next time you visit a salon, tell your hairstylists about your demands so that they can offer you a gorgeous hairstyle.

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