Five Amazing Ways to Deal with Wrinkles !

Five Amazing Ways to Deal with Wrinkles !

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How is Wrinkle formed?

The fold of the skin is the wrinkle. We get the idea of how old a person is by looking at his or her skin. Old people lose the capacity of stretching and holding in moisture. Collagen, the protein, and elastin, the fibre plays a prominent role in preventing wrinkles. Over the ageing, dermis loses its essential elements making the skin thinner. As a result, the skin loses the smooth appearance, and the epidermis begins to languid, and wrinkles are formed.Here we discuss how wrinkles happen and Ways to Deal with Wrinkles!

Sleeping on the back:

Sleeping night after night in the same position leads to “sleep lines”. As a result, wrinkles begin to form. When we wake up, it will not disappear. The best position is to sleep on the back because it does not create pressure on the face. It becomes a problem because we cannot control the undesirable movement but regular practice may tide over the situation. Wrinkles will appear on the cheeks and chin while sleeping on the sides. Sleeping while face down can lead to a rumpled brow.

Eating salmon:

Salmon as well as other cold water fish with full of protein resist formation of wrinkles. It has Omega -3, a type of fatty acid which humidifies the skin and shields from the UV rays. It also assists to preserve the skin resplendent and make it wrinkle free.

Don’t squint-Get reading glasses to avoid wrinkles:

Constant squinting forms facial wrinkles which damage beneath the skin surface. As and when it is required spectacles may be used. The bigger the sunglass, the more the skin will be protected from sun damage, keeping off squinting.

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Over washing the Face:

Tap water removes the humidity, and natural oils of the skin and wrinkle are formed. So it is necessary to use moisturised soap or gel or cream-based facial cleanser and not to wash the face over.

Slather on Alpha-hydroxy Acid (AHA):

The Alpha-hydroxy acids are very powerful in softening the skin, defining the face lines and thereby turning it supple. They increase the thickness of the skin making it firm as in old age the skin tends to sag forming wrinkles. Using AHAs makes the skin more sensitive to the sun. Thus sunscreen should be utilised. It makes the skin smooth and is believed to help in the growth of new skin.

There are other ways of preventing wrinkles naturally. We can have lots of vegetables, stay hydrated, intake of gelatine and most importantly quit smoking.

Also in case you require professional help in treating the wrinkles, you can visit a Dermatologist or go in for Laser Cosmetics or just fall back on your old trusted beauty parlour.

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