Layering-for lips, the Kylie Jenner Effect

Layering-for lips, the Kylie Jenner Effect

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Someone bless that woman Kylie Jenner for getting people back on the right track. While the world was running after changing their appearance completely with the help of the cosmetic surgery and its many wonders, this girl took the liberty of changing the way she would look by simply enhancing the best part of her face- her lips. The basic importance of lip and their function can never be too complicated to crack, because let’s face it, it is the only organ that truly can share the love we have for one another, with that special healing power or gesture called- a kiss. Now what if you were able to spread the love to the universe and get to do it with a fuller lip, that inevitably becomes the most envied part of your existence? Oh, you get to do that with only the cosmetic products you have at home.


Get into the Lip-Lining Game:

Okay, so all those failed attempts at using your lipstick to make your lip pop made you irritable? You see, that would have not been the case if you had this small trick handy. Just use lip liners. Before that girl could get her lips fixed, all she claimed was that her lip liners were her saviour. Now, it’s true. If you can line your lips with a shade or two darker coloured lip liner, you technically provide a sort of enhancement already. If you want to take it a bit further, make sure you line the lips not from the very edge of it, but instead draw the line a bit removed from where your lips would generally start. This will give you enough space to fill up with your lipstick and you can apply foundation on that area, for a smoother look and something that is completely natural.

Line Your Lips

Glosses for that Plump:

This is something that must not come out as a shock really, because whoever has ever used a lip gloss knows that it almost immediately makes the lip pop. Isn’t that what we truly want? So, basically buy colours which are a bit on the shinier side, like orange or red and give your lips a good sweep of that lip-gloss. Make sure to have minimal makeup otherwise and this will immediately enhance the appearance of those peppers. Now, even in this case, you need the fair share of lip liner and if you want, lipstick of the same shade or a shade darker and blend them all in.

 Lip Plumping Gloss:

Now if you are kind who would always run out of time and blending is almost an arduous task which you are incapable of, because of the time constraint, then simply know the trick to use a lip plumping gloss. These are specially treated so that it can make your lips look fuller just by the mere application of this gloss over teh area and viola you have Kylie like lips in a jiffy!

• Shades do Matter:

Not to brag, but we have another trick which will completely blow your mind and will make you indebted to us. Change the simple shade of your lipstick and see magic happen in front of your eyes. For instance, if you are using a nude shade lipstick, make the darker colours your base, while in the centre of your lip, use a lighter shade of lipstick and blend them to the point where they do not mix into being a completely different shade. Just let the lighter shade make its appearance through the creeks of the darker shade and allow it to give your lip the desired look. And this can be done with any darker shade lipstick as well. To top that off and if you at all want, put some lip-gloss.

Layering for lips

Here is the point where you must thank us, for such incredible advice. Anyway, jokes apart. All you need to do is apply a little trick in your regular routine and you will have a whole new look within minutes. But none of the above tricks would hold on for long if you fail to keep your lips healthy. So scrub and keep it moisturised and see how easy it gets with the products. Try them out and feel the new you, all too bright for most of the world to handle. Rock these fierce looks and make a statement and be the reason for envy.

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