Love Makeup Wipes? Here’s Why they Could Be Bad for Skin

Love Makeup Wipes? Here’s Why they Could Be Bad for Skin

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Makeup wipes came to the fashion scene with the usual hoopla associated with new products in the industry.
They were claimed to be convenient, easy and nourishing for the skin and riding on the buzz generated through these claims they did create a market for themselves.

These claims weren’t entirely false but do the makeup wipes trade healthy skin for convenience?
It is essential to remove makeup every night before retiring to your bed. Otherwise, it may lead to clogged pores, dry skin and may age your skin faster.But, then you probably already know that, right?


Consider this scenario for a moment.

After a long, exhausting day of work or an outdoor event, you come back to your abode. You finish off the everyday chores and then just before you are ready to go to your bed you remember that you haven’t removed your makeup yet. Do you have the patience to go through the usual and inescapable routine of removing the makeup?
If women around the world are to be believed it is a very arduous process.

Don't use Makeup Wipes
If you are then given a product as easy to use as the makeup wipes, which essentially does the same job in much less time, to these women, it isn’t hard to guess which of the given alternatives they would choose.
Makeup wipes delivered on the promise too. They cleaned the makeup in a single wipe, precisely what they were meant to do.

Apply Facial cleanser

Then why are we recommending against using these Makeup Wipes?

A one-line answer would be – because they are bad for your skin. Makeup wipes harm your skin.

To understand this better, you’ll have to look at the more extended version of the answer given below.
A Lot of Dermatologists make strong arguments against using makeup wipes. They believe that these wipes aren’t doing an as thorough job as they advertise. Yes, they are easy to use but using them might harm your skin.

They spread the makeup on your face instead of removing it.
Actually, very few makeup wipes available in the market have powerful enough chemicals that are capable of removing the makeup from your face.

The ingredients designed to break down your facial oils and the dirt are largely absent or not intense enough in most of the makeup wipes. So, instead of removing makeup, these wipes just spread it on your face and into the pores, essentially clogging them. If you remember, the purpose of removing make up each day before going to bed was to prevent it from clogging the pores on your face in the first place. The clogging of these facial pores usually causes blemishes, acne, breakouts, blackheads, irritation, and even wrinkles. Something I’m sure you would want to avoid.

Makeup Wipes make your Skin Dry.

If that wasn’t enough, the alcohol in the makeup wipes could make your skin extremely dry. This may cause irritation to some people and especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. If you think your skin is sensitive, then it is best to avoid using any product that contains alcohol, on your skin.

The constant rubbing action is harsh on your skin.

The mechanism of makeup wipes is actually pretty simple. You pull one off from the packet and then wipe it against your face to remove the makeup. But, to remove the makeup you will have to rub it back and forth your skin a few times – especially when you are using it to remove mascara or eyeliner. This constant rubbing action can be harsh on your skin, drying it quickly and might even cause rashes.

These wipes leave the residue behind on your skin.

If you pay close attention to the process of using the makeup wipes given above, the all-important step of rinsing is left out. Users of makeup wipes often skip this step, since they believe that the products they are using do not need any foreign aid. As a result, the residue of makeup or dirt or face oil is often left on the face of the person using these wipes. This residue might rub onto the pillow while sleeping and then be transferred back to the face, clogging the pores on your face. You should already know what happens when these pores are clogged.

So, What Should You Do?

If you do want to use makeup wipes, reserve them for the days, you feel too overworked and tired to follow the standard process of removing the makeup. Although, we would recommend that even on such days you should make it a point to clean your face the right way and skip these wipes altogether but then maybe you do deserve a break sometimes.

After using the wipes, make it a point to rinse your face properly. This step shouldn’t be skipped, and you might remember the reason we discussed above.

You can also use cleansing oil to remove the makeup. These are also easy to use and are effective in breaking down the complex particles of your makeup.

The final takeaway, always take care of your skin and think twice before using a new product on your face. Do it only after proper research. Or if you still have a confusion-Consult a Dermatologist.

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