Beauty Secrets of Priyanka Chopra

7 Beauty Secrets of Priyanka Chopra Revealed

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There are no second thoughts if you ask me about my favourite actress. She is the favourite of a lot of people not only from India but all corners of the world. And why wouldn’t she be? She is not only beautiful but also a multi-talented woman. She went on to become a successful world-famous actress after winning the crown for Miss World. She is now a leading actress, singer, speaker, philanthropist and a performer. She is the Brand Ambassador . Read more...

6 Homemade Hair Conditioners

6 Homemade Hair Conditioners to Repair Damaged Hair!

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So, you wake up feeling refreshed, you drink a glass of water, brush your teeth, bathe and then start combing your hair. Now, that’s where the problem begins! I know many people, including me who face the wrath of that frizzy hair and tangles. God, it is such a mess! And at that point of time, you feel so annoyed that you want to cut all those knots that are giving you problem. But, is that the solution? No, it’s not! One thing you can do to . Read more...

Homemade Night Cream

Tips to Prepare Your Own Inexpensive Homemade Night Cream

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Do you know using night creams is one of the best beauty tips to get fair and flawless skin? Well, some people are aware of the benefits of applying night cream, while others are not. It does not matter whether or not you know the advantages of night creams, the fact remains the same, and that is using homemade night cream should be a part of your beauty regimen. . Read more...

use conditioner before shampoo

The Best Trick to Get Gorgeous Hair: Use Conditioner BEFORE Shampoo!

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Shocked to see the title, right? You must be! Even I was amazed when I came to know that all this time I have been using conditioner the wrong way. A conditioner is an essential part of everyone’s hair care routine. But, to use it the wrong way can do more harm than good. You all must be using conditioner right after you shampoo, isn’t it? Well, even I used to do that but now, I use conditioner before shampoo, and it has surely made my hair l. Read more...

Apply Lipstick like a Pro

7 Steps to Apply Lipstick Like a Pro

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Lipstick is that essential part of the woman’s makeup which can either add stars to her look or completely ruin it. Choosing the right lipstick matters a lot because sometimes a good look can be ruined completely by a weird shade of lipstick and sometimes even if you used the right shade, you might not get the best results. Often, people have very amateur application styles, and this leads their lipsticks to be caking, flaking off, melting and . Read more...

Habits that cause hair loss

Top 10 Bad Habits that Cause Hair Loss!

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Hair loss is quite a popular problem these days! The dust, pollution and an unhealthy lifestyle take a toll on our hair. Suddenly seeing clumps of hair on your pillow can really scare the hell out of you. But hair loss is not just the result of ageing- it can be due to bad habits too! It is completely normal to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair each day; but if you are losing more than that, then it means that you practice certain habits that cause . Read more...

Get rid of white hair

Fed up of white hair? Try these tips to get rid of white hair!

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White Hair or grey strands of hair can make anyone get frustrated and embarrassed. It is true that our hair change when we grow old. But having grey strands of hair in the 20s is not something that is considered a normal problem. When your hair starts losing its pigment, the hair starts to turn grey and white. The hair turns grey when there is a significant reduction in the pigment, while it turns white when there is no pigment at all present in . Read more...

Beauty Mistakes

Top 15 Beauty Mistakes you Need to Stop Making Now!

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Do you read the beauty routine of celebrities and famous bloggers to get some tips? Well, most of us do! Everyone wants to have flawless, gorgeous skin. And that is why most people today follow the skincare routine of celebrities or famous bloggers to get beautiful skin and hair. But, following a skincare regimen perfectly is not a skill that everyone has! And so, today we are going to tell you top beauty mistakes that you might be making. . Read more...