Silky Hair

Shiny ,Thick and Silky Hair for a Beautiful You

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Shiny, Thick, costlyLong waist length Silky Hair is more or less a myth now. In the past people had healthy and long hairs without using even a single cosmetic product. Sometimes we wonder about the secret behind those cascading healthy hairs that our ancestors had and how they maintained them at that time. The hair may seem lifeless, but what we eat is reflected in their constituency. Hence, if we join the dots, then we can understand that expen. Read more...

How to take care of cracked heels

How to take Care of Cracked Heels ?

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Cracked heels can be considered a very common problem which you may face mostly in the winter months. There are several reasons which are responsible for the cracked heels such as lack of moisture, unhealthy diet, spending a long time barefooted on the hard surface, ageing as well as dry air. In some rare cases diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, thyroid diseases were also found responsible for the outcome of this disease. The symptoms of this physical . Read more...

Long Hair

Get Shining Long Hair Naturally !

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A lot of people have gone through the frustrating process of trying to make out what can promote hair growth. But lustrous long and shiny hair can only be achieved with a healthy diet and healthy body. Any nutritional deficit can cause brittleness, dryness, dandruff problems which reduce hair growth, making the hair coarser and ultimately breakage and hair loss. . Read more...

Healthy Skin

Get Healthy Skin by keeping your Stomach Healthy

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Lots of people talk about Healthy Skin, weight reduction, elegance and fitness, but very few people take action. On the weekend, we find ourselves indulging in food to satisfy our taste buds resulting in not just spending lots of money but additionally consuming more fat that we should. The entire week of working out, going on a diet and keeping a check on calorie consumption goes for a toss, and the entire hard work becomes null and void. Eating. Read more...

Beauty spots

Beauty Spots : A Craze in the Modern Age

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People in Today’s age are very much concerned about their look, especially women. A lot of women nourish a dream of having some beauty spot or marks that increase their beauty quotient. A beauty mark or a beauty spot is a euphemism for a type of mole. Human beings are very fascinated about these marks on their faces or any part of their body. People think that it enhances the beauty of their face or body. This can be their birthmarks or some fa. Read more...

Hair Loss

Are you suffering From Hair Loss ?

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Hair loss or baldness is the loss of hair from the head or scalp which occurs both in male and female. About 90% of our hair grows continuously for about 2 to 6 years whereas the other 10% of the hair lies in a resting position and falls at the end of the resting phase that lasts for 2 to 3 months. Human hair varies from 100,000 to even more and shedding of 50 to 100 hairs every day is normal. New hair starts growing from the same follicle on the. Read more...


Just Go for Sunglasses

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Sunglasses have become quite a craze these days and are the –in- thing for the sake of giving a fashion statement. However, it is not only a fashionable object, but it is essential for safeguarding our precious eyes, and there should not be any compromise as far as ensuring the safety of our eyes is concerned. The harmful UV Rays of the Sun can be extremely dangerous, and it is, therefore, all the more important to save our eyes from them whet. Read more...


Aromatherapy: Bridge between Body, Mind and Soul

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Aromatherapy is a technique of healing and altering the psychological state, cognitive and physical condition of a human being with the implementation of aromatic plant oils extracted from several species of plants. This practice helps to maintain cognitive and physiological balance. This therapy can be considered as a part of herbal medicine practice as it deals with the essential oils and aromatic compounds extracted from the medicinal herbs. . Read more...