Shampoo or Dry Shampoo? What Is best For Your Hair?

Shampoo or Dry Shampoo? What Is best For Your Hair?

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There is an uproar in the beauty industry in respect of dry shampoo. What is dry shampoo? The question is peeping into the minds of everyone, whether the dry shampoo, an oil absorbing product is good for the hair or not. It is a water-free way to freshen up and restyle the hair.
In modern days people are very much busy, and they have hardly any time to nourish their hair. Dry shampoo is in the form of powder as well as spray. It saves the users’ precious time and helps to add a nice and voluminous look to the hair. While travelling nothing can be a better substitute than a dry shampoo. The main feature of dry shampoo is to absorb the excessive oil from the hair, although the hair needs oil. When we go outside, grime and contamination affect our hair on a daily basis. So it is necessary to remove them from the scalp and hair follicle to make them luculent, sprouting and animated. But it is unfortunate that dry shampoo is not in a position to remove the dirt. It would not be fair to go too long without washing. It will lead to a deadlock if the hair is not combed between shampoos.

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The activity of the shampoo is not to remove the filth from the hair but to cleanse the scalp. By regular using of shampoo, the hair becomes dry, dull and dead. Consequently, the natural oil of the hair disappears. This is the reason we are using dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is commonly manufactured from aluminium starch or corn starch which seems matte. An overdose of dry shampoo may cause disruption in the hair making it sticky.

In the end, it is cleanliness that matters. The hair is the extension of our face. If the hair is oily and dirty, we will be washing it off. We must wash the hair twice a week with a conditioner. Dry shampoo must be used in small quantity. It is a miracle to the fine haired people provided it is used correctly. There is no problem if we add the new product, dry shampoo on our shelf provided it is a natural and organic one. We must apply everything in moderation. Over usage of anything such as water; minerals can make the hair dull. We must use everything gently, according to the needs.

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