Ten Travel Essentials you must not forget to pack while travelling

Ten Travel Essentials you must not forget to pack while travelling

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Travelling for work or leisure can be demanding at times and requires planning so that you do not end up facing unnecessary hassles. It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling for the first time or you are a globetrotter; we give you ten travel essentials you should never forget to pack while you are travelling.


Travel Essential 1- Sunscreen

You are going to take a break from all tensions, we understand. You want to stay carefree of your work life; we know that as well. But carefree of your skin? – We can’t let you do that. No matter if it is your daily life, or you’re going on a vacation, you must not forget to keep a sunscreen with you. We repeat never. It is among the most important travel essentials.


Sunscreens protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun by absorbing or reflecting them. It is imperative to keep it handy if you love your skin.

Travel Essential 2- Dry Shampoo

Let’s just be honest. We are not washing our hair every day while we’re vacationing. Two or three sprays of Dry shampoo near the roots of your hair helps in keeping your hair better looking, clean and volumized.

Travel Essential 3- Fresh Wipes

One can’t possibly sum up the uses and importance of wipes in a girl’s life in short. Whether you want to take off that makeup, you applied at the start of the day, or you want to clean yourself just keep a pack of these fresh wipes ready   (L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Cleansing Wipes Dry & Sensitive Skin)

Travel Essential 4- Fragrance

Don’t forget to pack your everyday perfume or deodorant to smell clean and good even while moving. Pick a scent that easily fits in your makeup kit and doesn’t take much space. Also, keep in mind while choosing a scent and make sure that it doesn’t spill to keep your other stuff clean. Ditch your regular perfume and try something new if you think your most favourite scent is not suitable for travelling.


Travel essential 5- Face Mask

This item is among those important non-essential products that will make you feel better when you’re done with wandering all day. You can also ditch your night cream by packing this if you are low on space, to wake up with a refreshed skin.

Apply Facial cleanserTravel Essential 6- Face Cleanser

Leave behind your tensions, but not your skincare routine. Do not forget to pack your daily cleanser and oil. It helps in removing makeup, moisturises and tones your skin. This multitasking ability of face cleansers makes it by far an essential product in our list of Travel Essentials.

Travel Essential 7- BB cream

You could stuff five items in your makeup pouch, or you could just keep one. Most of the BB creams act as primers, moisturisers, sunscreens, skin perfectors and foundations, making them multitasking wonders that one should get a special reserved ticket on any trip.

Anti-acne Garnier BB Cream

Travel Essential 8- Lip Balm

Nobody wants chapped and dried looking lips. We wish for healthy, beautiful and moisturised lips. Keep your pout nourished and soft by packing your little and favourite moisture-boosting lip balm. A tinted lip balm? That’s even better as you don’t have to pack too many lipsticks.

Travel Essential 9- Sanitizer

Nothing compares to washing your hand with soap and warm water but hand sanitizers can prove to be the next best thing while you’re travelling and have no access to water.

Travel Essential 10- Travel Manicure kit

Stop thinking about that chipped nail or stray brow hair because you should be having fun. Use your mini manicure kit to solve this problem as soon as possible and move to things that are more important- Having Fun. You can also add a needle and sewing thread to the kit for emergency repairs.

We talked about the necessary travel essentials that you should never miss if you want to have a pleasant trip. Hope these tips help you in better planning of your Trips.Bon Voyage!

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