The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Facials

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Facials

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How often should you opt for a Facial?

People usually think of taking care of their skin either when the skin starts getting damaged or else when they have a party or any special occasion like a marriage ceremony or a birthday party or a date for so to happen. Men hardly look after their skin whereas women do a lot. They take care of their skin and dress their best to look the best. They normally go beyond their daily beauty regime to get the best of them. Women generally take care of their skin only before a party or an occasion as has been mentioned earlier, and they often forget that the same beauty regime must often be repeated throughout the year to keep the beauty intact. Due to a lot of work pressure and lack of time, they do not get enough time to pamper themselves.

How to Take care of your Skin:

Whenever one thinks of taking care of the skin, the facial is the first thing that comes to the mind. Without even thinking about what kind of facial is required or what its benefits are, people opt for a facial to make their skin glow. Earlier, there was not much pollution in the city which is why skincare was neither required nor recommended. But these days due to so much pollution and high temperature, it is more important to look after your skin in a much better way.

Facials are one of the best ways to cleanse the skin, but it should be done on a regular basis and not once in a while for any occasion. There are facial massages and creams available for different age types. For instance, what you need at your twenties is certainly not what you will need during your forties.

Facial Tips

Selecting the best Facial as per your Skin type:

A regular facial comprises of cleansing, toning, and moisturising. This is one of the most basic ones. These are done using various ranges of beauty products as required by that particular skin type and is mostly concluded using a face mask. As the age reaches 35 to 40, the skin often looks sluggish, and the fine lines of wrinkles are seen on the skin.

To prevent this, face tightening masks are used which exfoliates dead skin, and the high protein emulsifiers tighten the sluggish portions of the face. The younger generation or to be precise, the ones in their twenties hardly bother about their skin that much. They are the ones who go out under the sun for work or Study and thus should take care of their skin the most. They should visit the skin clinics at least once in every 45 days and do the basic cleaning daily at home.

Not only them but the middle-aged women should also regularly visit the parlour at least once in a month even if they practise their regular beauty regime at home. A proper and healthy massage nourishes the skin and also enhances the blood circulation thus making it look much tighter and youthful. Regular exfoliation is done with grains of the suitable skin types which remove the white and the blackheads.

Guide to Facials: The perfect Strokes for your Skin

There are so many beauty parlours available these days, but there is hardly any beauty professional who knows how to give the strokes during the facial in the best way. Harsh stroke is a big no; while applying the mask on the face, it should be applied to the wrinkle prone areas first like the eye area, the neck and then the forehead. The next thing that one needs to keep in mind is that while taking off the mask from the face, it should be done in an upward direction and not downwards. Also, make sure that the skin is damp while applying the face mask. The impacts of the facials usually stay three to four days after it has been done. During the early 40s or mid-50s, one should take care of the skin even more and visit Beauty Salons on a regular basis.

Some useful tips for your Skin:

Using several quickies which are available these days like botox etc. may be hazardous for the skin. It may look good at that point of time, but with the passage of time the skin becomes harsh and sluggish, and you look older than your age.

Using natural remedies and regular facials would never have any such effects on the skin, rather, it would make the skin look younger at an older age. Certain things should be kept in mind during the facial period. The surface should be allowed to breathe after the completion of a sitting. Immediate application of makeup should not be made just after the facial as the open pores need to take in some oxygen.


Sleping after a facial is one of the best things someone can opt for because the tissues and the muscles need to relax and immediate stressful work may prove harmful for the skin. Drinking lime water or green tea helps in boosting metabolism which eventually makes the skin look beautiful.

Bathing in lukewarm water just after the facial is far better than bathing in cold water. Avoiding a polluted or crowded area after a skincare regime is preferable. Keeping these points in mind while going for a facial can keep the skin beautiful, smooth and glowing.

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