The Pros and Cons of Body Waxing

The Pros and Cons of Body Waxing

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Body Waxing is a technique of removing unwanted hairs temporarily. It removes hair directly from the root. The warm wax penetrates into the follicles and helps in pulling out the hair. This technique is suitable for removing hair from all hairy surfaces. Waxing is the long-lasting method of hair removals. As in this method, the hair is removed entirely; the skin is felt remarkably smoother than after shaving or applying chemical solutions.

Body Waxing is done by spreading a thin layer of wax on the skin. Then a paper or cloth strip is pressed and pulled quickly against the natural direction of the hair growth. This helps in removing the wax along with the unwanted hairs and dead cells which make the skin smooth. Waxing is an essential technique of lifestyle management and it is quite helpful. But as everything has its pros and cons, the waxing technique also has its respective advantages and disadvantages which are as follows:

Body Waxing

Advantages of Body Waxing:

Using the waxing method frequently makes the hair more fine, delicate and sparse.

• The hair ends do not become blunt because the hair after waxing grows right from the follicles.

• Waxing does not cause any irritation, itchiness or redness. It varies from skin to skin. For example, people with sensitive skin may witness redness, but it does not stay for long.

• It saves time. The entire process does not take much time as compared to the other techniques.

• Waxing can be done at home if the required things are available.

• It is less expensive as compared with the other techniques of hair removal.

• It is an excellent method of clearing away at once, thick and large hair growth.

• Waxing helps in preventing quick hair growth. Hair grows back after two to three weeks.

• Other hair removal techniques like shaving and using chemical solutions remove hair outwardly, but waxing removes hair inwardly from the deep roots.

Disadvantages of Body Waxing:

• It can cause pain to those who have sensitive skin. Pain is caused when the paper or cloth strip is removed from the skin layer.

• The settings required for waxing in beauty salons can be very expensive depending on the waxing area.

• While waxing, hairs can tear off at or beneath the surface which can cause redness or itchiness.

• Infected skin can get more infected after waxing.

• Maintaining consistency in waxing to some extent is difficult.

Waxing is an essential technique which is needed for the removal of unwanted hairs. As it is a vital component of lifestyle management, one cannot ignore its importance. One must be well aware of the pros and cons of this technique before choosing it.

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