Tips to Play Holi without Damaging Your Skin or Hair!

Tips to Play Holi without Damaging Your Skin or Hair!

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Amongst the most fantastic and fun-filled festivals of India Holi surely plays a significant role. This festival is all about colours, revelry and filling our lives with more happiness and more liveliness. So, if you have never participated in playing with the colours on the day of Holi, do give yourself an opportunity to enjoy its frolic this year.


The festival of colours is here, and people are ready with colours and ghujiyas to celebrate the festival with full zeal. It’s true that Holi brings an abundance of joy in people’s lives; however, along with joy and happiness, it also brings many skin and hair infections. According to dermatologists, the toxic colours used to play Holi can cause skin allergies, rashes, redness, and also elevate existing allergies. The colours contain harmful chemicals which can make your hair dry, dull and brittle. We all love the festival of colours, and so, it is best to take some preventive measure to avoid skin and hair damage and not let Holi snatch away our beauty.


Potential Damages Caused By Colours:

Playing with gulal and colours is pure fun but with the cheerfulness come damages to hair, skin, and even nails. Harsh colours and gulals of Holi may possess harmful chemicals which can cause permanent damages to some parts of your body, if not treated with care immediately. The damages of colours are so significant and common that salons, dermatological clinics, and spas are flooded in the days just after Holi, with females as well as males suffering the ill effects of the harmful chemicals of the colours. So do use herbals colours only to enjoy the festival to the fullest.

Useful Tips For Holi, That Always Works:

It is always said that prevention is better than cure. Thus, a few precautions taken before the festival of Holi will go a long way in ensuring that your hair and skin suffer least during the celebration. All you need for the care of your skin and hair is coconut oil, nail polish, petroleum jelly, and cap or scarf.

Skin Care Tips

Use oil-based moisturisers for Holi. Avoid using oil-free or water-based moisturisers on your skin as they wash off easily. Moisturise the skin of your body as well as your face well before you set out to play with colours. It will surely help in removing the colours from your body quickly and faster also.

You can also apply oils on your body to give it more protection from colours and to remove colours with much more ease. But the oil does not suit many people’s skin so be aware of what suits your skin best. Oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, light oils like Moroccan oil or jojoba oil can be applied on the body.

You may opt for synthetic clothes since it does not remain wet for long and allows less colour to stay on your body.

Before Holi:

1. Use a Sunscreen

Holi is played outdoors under the sun, and exposure to the sun can harm your skin. Hence, its advised by dermatologists to apply a sunscreen of SPF 20 and above your skin 20 minutes before leaving the house. Use a moisturiser after applying sunscreen to keep your skin hydrated. This will give you protection from the sun as well as the colours.

2. Apply Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil protects your skin from harmful colours, and it is easy to take it off post-Holi. It also keeps the skin hydrated. In the morning, apply coconut oil generously all over the body to protect it from the harsh colours. You may get a hot oil massage as well. It will create a nice protective layer around the hair strands and scalp and with keeping the damaging effects at bay. Do not forget the earlobes, nail crevices and behind the ears.

Coconut Oil

3. Protect Your Nails Too

You can apply sunscreen and moisturiser to protect your skin, but what about your nails? Apply transparent varnish, polish or petroleum jelly on your nails to stop colours from staining your nails.

4. Avoid Any Facial Therapies

Dermatologists say that one should avoid any therapies the week before Holi: facials, bleaching, waxing, threading, peels or laser treatment. Also, do not use saunas, or exfoliate for up to two days before.

Risks of Facials

5. Apply a Lip Balm

Holi colours can enter your mouth through lips. Hence, you must apply a thick layer of lip balm jelly over your lips so that the Holi colours do not get stick to them.

Lip Balm

6. Don’t Forget Your Hair

Holi colours can damage your hair to a great extent. Apply coconut oil, half an hour before leaving the house to play Holi. Coconut oil contains natural ingredients that reduce the ill effect of harmful colours, and it is easy to get rid of coconut oil too. Tie your hair down instead of leaving them open.

You can apply a good mixture of rosemary and jojoba oil to make the proper base for your lovely hair.
Women with long hair must tie their hair up either in a ponytail or braids. But the best protective hairstyle will be a bun. These hairstyles would also keep tangles away.

The best way to provide your hair with protection is to wear a cap or bandanas. So, before going out to play Holi, put on a cap that covers at least 80% of your hair.

After Holi:

1. Cleanse your Skin the Right Way

Beauty experts say that one should not use chemical-based soaps to rinse off Holi colours from the skin because it may cause more damage to the skin. Instead, rinse it off with natural and herbal soaps. Do not scrub your skin too hard.

Honey Face Mask

2. Use a Homemade Face Pack to Rinse off the Colour

Dermatologists advise using a home remedy to rinse off the colour gently. The day after Holi, make a natural face pack by mixing two tablespoons of honey with half-a-cup of curd. Add some turmeric and apply this mask on the face, neck and arms. Rinse it off after 20 minutes. This mask helps to remove the tan and soften the skin.

3. Use Olive Oil

You can also use olive oil with cotton to remove the colours. But, this should be done after you have cleansed the skin with cold water and herbal soap.

4. Wash your Hair with a Good Shampoo

Use a good hair shampoo having natural ingredients to wash away the impurities and colours from your hair. And do not forget to apply conditioner because using a conditioner keeps your hair nourished and give shine and strength to your hair. The day after Holi, give your hair proper nourishment by using a hair pack. Simply, mix one tablespoon each of warm pure coconut oil and castor oil. Apply on the hair. Take a clean towel and dip it in hot water, squeeze out the water and wrap the towel around the head. Keep it on for 5 minutes. Repeat three to four times. Wash your hair after one hour.

5. Use an Eye Cream

Apply a good eye cream containing vitamin E before going to sleep. This will help you get rid of dark circles and patches overnight.

Follow these tips to avoid skin and hair damage this Holi. ‘Have fun and stay healthy.’

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