Top DIY Fruit Face Packs to get an Everlasting Beauty

Top DIY Fruit Face Packs to get an Everlasting Beauty

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We all try so many different things to get beautiful skin, isn’t it? Yes, we do for sure! Some people try different beauty products such as cleanser, toner, moisturiser, etc. to get healthy skin, and others try home remedies to rejuvenate their skin. And then, there are some people who try the blend of both: beauty products and home remedies. Believe me, friends, when I say this, that one of the best ways to heal your skin from within is using fruit face packs.

Know why? Because fruits are full of nutritional values that can make your skin look beautiful as a young princess. Now, before we dig into the tips and ways to prepare your own fruit face packs, let me tell you some essential factors that you must keep in mind before you get a fruit facial done at home.


Tips to Remember when you Apply Fruit Face Packs

1. You must apply the mask after you have cleansed and exfoliated your skin. It is because both cleansing and exfoliating will remove all the dirt, impurities and dead skin cells from your skin and also boost blood circulation, which will eventually improve the results of the fruit face packs.

2. You must always keep this thing in mind that you need to blend the fruit thoroughly so that you can extract a large amount of pulp.

3. Avoid wearing new clothes while applying face mask as fruit packs can get messy and ruin your clothes.

4. Some fruit packs can get runny due to extreme fluid present in the fruit pulp, and so you can add oats to the fruit pulp so that the fruit pack can stay on your face.

5. Your face and the neck are both exposed to the same environment and affected by the same; hence, you should apply fruit pack to both face and neck.

Fruit Face Packs

Best Homemade Fruit Face Packs that will make you Look Drop Dead Gorgeous

1.Banana and Honey Face Pack

Things you Will Need

1. ½ ripe banana

2. Half teaspoon of honey

3. One teaspoon of lemon juice


In a bowl, mix in mashed banana, honey and lemon juice and blend all the ingredients well. Apply it on a clean and dry skin. Wash it off after letting it stay on the face for about 20 minutes.

Who can Use?

This pack is suitable for women with all skin types; however, it benefits the most who have oily and acne-prone skin.


Banana contains essential vitamins that help in improving the elasticity of the skin. Also, bananas are packed with rich antioxidants that keep the skin healthy and fresh.

2.Watermelon Fruit Facial Mask

Things you Will Need

-Four to five pieces of watermelon


Mash about four to five pieces of watermelon and simply rub it all over your face and neck. Let this fruit pack work its magic for twenty minutes and then rinse off with cold water.

Watermelon face pack

Who can Use?

Watermelon is used widely to keep skin healthy and glowing, and the best part is that people of every skin type can use this fruit face pack.


Watermelon is full of vitamins such as vitamin A, B6 and C which keeps the skin healthy. Also, it contains lycopene and amino acids, which helps in rejuvenating the skin. Hence, apply watermelon to skin and look like a beautiful angel.

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3.Honey and Papaya Face Pack

Things you Will Need

1. One tablespoon of honey

2. Two pieces of papaya


Blend the papaya well so that it becomes a smooth pulp and mix in one tablespoon honey in it.Apply this smooth face pack on clean skin and allow it to work its magic for about 15 minutes. Then wash your face with water. This pack will surely leave you with glowing skin.


Who can Use?

This pack is safe for all skin types, and you can apply this pack once a week for best results.


Papaya is such a delicious fruit! But, it is not just yummy, it is healthy too! Papaya is packed with vitamin A, and a healthy enzyme called papain, which exfoliates the skin effectively and helps you get rid of dead skin cells. This fruit also has anti-inflammatory properties which prevent acne breakouts. Wait, the benefits are not over yet! It also prevents premature ageing, removes fine lines, scars and keeps your skin nourished. All in all, it is one of the best fruits that can make you look beautiful.

4.Tomato and Yogurt Face Pack

Things you Will Need

1. One tomato

2. One tablespoon yoghurt

3. One teaspoon honey


Make a smooth paste of tomato by blending it well. Then, add yoghurt and oatmeal to the tomatoes and form a smooth consistency. Apply this mask gently all over your face and neck. Allow it to rest for 10 minutes and then rinse off.

Tomato and Yogurt Face Pack

Who can Use?

People with every skin type can use tomatoes as a face pack. Are you allergic to yoghurt? If you are, then don’t worry! You can swap milk for yoghurt, and it will give you the same effects. This fruit face pack can be applied once every week.


Tomatoes are rich in lycopene that has amazing benefits on the skin. They prevent ageing, supply enough oxygen to skin and also gives protection to the skin against the harmful UV rays. Not just that, tomatoes also help in reducing sun tan and brightens the skin. You will be amazed to know that tomatoes are loaded with vitamin A, C and antioxidants which act as a great exfoliating agent.

5.Cucumber and Milk Face Pack

Things you Will Need

1. One cucumber

2. ¼ cup milk

3. One tablespoon of honey

4. One tablespoon of brown sugar


Take a cucumber and peel off its skin. Crush it to make a form a smooth consistency. Add milk, honey and brown sugar to it and blend thoroughly such that it creates a fine mixture. Apply this amazing fruit face pack on your face and let the ingredients work their magic for twenty minutes. Then you need to rinse off your face and pat dry.

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Who can Use?

You have oily skin, dry skin or normal skin; it does not matter! Everyone can use this fruit face pack one to two times a week.


We all love eating cucumbers during summers, don’t we? Well, at least I do! But, while we love to fill our stomach with this yummy fruit, we never try to know what amazing things it does to our body.

Cucumbers strengthen the connective tissue in the skin, which makes your skin smoother. Also, it has a high water content which keeps your skin hydrated and relieves it from irritants. On the top of that, it opens up clogged up pores and leaves you with rejuvenated and glowing skin. You can use this face pack two times a week.

So, give your skin the benefits of these fruit face packs. Now, these packs do not have side effects as there could be hardly any reaction when you apply fruits on the face. However, you never know what may bring damage to your skin, hence, it is always best for you to do a patch test before applying the pack on your face. This should be done to prevent a severe allergic reaction.

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