Transform Your Mornings with Quick and Clever Hairstyles

Transform Your Mornings with Quick and Clever Hairstyles

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More or less all ladies consider styling or at least doing their hair every morning as a necessary task. You might be a morning person, or you might not be, but you will always want to look good when you go out. A girl might hate to get out of her bed in the mornings, but she would love to get her locks, tresses or curls under control before she starts her day. And so the hairdos you choose need to be easy and quick; in fact the quicker, the better. Below are the descriptions of some quick and clever hairstyles that are worth trying and will transform your morning.


Wear a Bow:

If you have wavy hair or hair with little curls, this will work wonders. So first add some curls for creating volume. This should be followed by teasing the crown and slightly smoothing over the topmost layer of your hair. Avoid combing out the whole teasing. Then, in the section below the area where you’ve done the teasing (middle of your head), bring some hair together (small section); and secure them using bobby pins. The bump formed has to be positioned in a line from the chin to your ear and also back, this will give it a natural look.

Then simply gather the hair sections that are around your face. Using a rubber band (small size), tie the sections above the area where you have set the bobby pins. The pointed end of a comb (like rat-tail combs) can be used to loosen this style for creating symmetry. Now put the finishing touch with a beautiful ribbon, make a bow. Use hairspray all over.

Quick and Clever Hairstyles:

This two-minute hairdo gives you a real classy look for quick and clever hairstyles. You do not need to have a very long hair to try this. The first thing you’ll need for this is a black coloured elastic headband; you can go for other colours if you wish. Wear the headband like one wears a crown. Then your hair has to be rolled, twisted up and finally tucked into your headband. Go on tucking unless you feel the hair is secure. Once you are done with tucking the sides as well, you are ready to go.

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Messy and Wavy Curls:

Careless beauty can make a woman naturally attractive, so sometimes your undone hair can be of great help. If you wake up with messy hair, use that to your advantage. Or else you can simply create the look. Take a shower and avoid brushing (too much), this will keep the natural wave in your hair. If you have coarse hair, oiling the wet hair a little can help to soften it. Then apply some curling cream or gel to the same damp hair and blow dry it. Make sure you don’t towel dry, as this will make it too frizzy. After that take small sections of hair from the areas where you want to add curls and curl them with a curling wand. Finally, you can use a finishing serum to reduce any unwanted frizz and make your hair smooth.

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The Triple Twisted Way: You can start this by simply teasing the hair at the roots. This needs to be followed by splitting your hair into three sections vertically; one on your left, one on your right and one section in between. Keeping the left and right sections over the shoulders and close to your face, take the middle hair section and tease it from its top to the bottom. This has to be followed by taking the same section, twisting it vertically (wrap it around your index or middle finger) and pinning the twist formed (in place) with bobby pins tightly. Then twist the left section in a similar fashion just beside the pinned first-part. After that use the right section by draping and twisting the hair section over the previously made twists and pin the same in place. This is a great hairstyle for times when you are in a great hurry.

Knotted Bun:

Busy women will love this hairstyle. This starts with gathering the hair to either on your left or right side and making a ponytail at the rear part of your ear. Then simply twist and wrap the ponytail like the way you do it when you tie knots. While tying the knot (with the ponytail), the tail should not be pulled completely from one side to the other. Then use big bobby pins for securing your knotted bun. You can create more fullness and texture by slightly pulling and tugging little hair sections from all over the bun and the crown area. Use hair spray if needed which will help your quick and clever hairstyles to stay longer.

Voluminous Bun

French Braided Bun:

This is suitable for women and girls with long hair. First, you need to brush and part your hair. Then grabbing a small hair section, split it into three parts and make a French braid. The braid should be made diagonally across your head. Use a hair tie to secure your braid. Then simply make a bun by rolling the same braid in and up. You can position the bun above or next to your ear by securing it using bobby pins. Things like flowers and sparkly pins can add to the elegant look of the bun, especially if you are planning to attend a wedding.

Braided Low Bun

These were some of the quick and clever hairstyles that are worth trying and will add wonders to your Beauty.


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