Ways to Make Your Shoulders Glow with Life

Ways to Make Your Shoulders Glow with Life

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When it comes to staying beautiful, it is important that we concentrate on every part of the body individually. This becomes even more crucial while wearing trendy clothes that are more exposing. With sleeveless being the trend now, women have started paying more attention to their shoulders and arms. For them who are new to wearing sleeveless, the skin of their shoulders will be lighter than elsewhere. This is because their shoulders have stayed protected from exposure to the sun all these years. These women begin their mission by evening out their skin tone. There are several ways to achieve this.

Milk based formulae for glowing skin

There might be a thousand varieties of fairness creams available in the market. But one must remember that the best remedy is always home-made. One popular remedy is to use milk or curd over the region, massage it gently, soak for a short period and then wash it away. The same mixture can also be used by adding little turmeric powder to it. Turmeric is known for its efficient tan removal property. But it is important to use the right kind of turmeric in right amounts for it may leave stains of yellow on your arm. Another great formula is to mix milk, glycerine and rose water. This has proved to show great results.

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Varieties of oil available in the market

Vitamin E oil is commonly used by women for this purpose. This not only evens out the tone but also makes the skin smooth with frequent usage. When used twice a day for a prolonged period, this oil is said to remove even stretch marks and cracks on the skin. It nourishes the skin and makes the arm look healthy. The mustard oil used along with a very small pinch of turmeric can also do the magic. Turmeric used with anything has the added advantage of inhibiting hair growth in the area of application.

Using sunscreen regularly to make your Shoulders Glow

Since the uneven tone occurs mainly because of exposure to the sun, using sunscreen lotion along with the other remedies becomes mandatory. One should never forget that water is worse than the sun. One can get rid of a sun tan easily, but the darkness of skin resulting from water takes months to even out. Therefore, while going swimming or so, it is advisable to keep applying sunscreen every half an hour to prevent skin tan.

Change your diet practices

The key is always to stay moisturised. Most of the skin problems occur due to dryness of skin and dehydration. Not only do creams serve the purpose; drinking lots of water is also equally important. Along with topical applications of several formulae, it is important to eat and drink healthy. So diet matters. Eating plenty of fruits can help one achieve glowing skin. Fruits enable a person to stay hydrated and also have detoxifying abilities. Incorporating orange, pomegranate, tomatoes, kiwi and pumpkin in everyday diet can show promising results. Green leafy vegetables are also good for glowing skin. By doing the needful with ample care, one can enjoy the beauty of glowing shoulders and flaunt them by wearing stylish clothes.

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