What your Nails may be Telling you?

What your Nails may be Telling you?

13-08-2015   |   Posted By: Vivek Singh   |   1762 View(s)

You must follow a healthy diet, a smart routine and must take care of yourself with whatever is required, right? So, the hair is moisturised, the skin is healthy and supple, but what about the nails you love to paint on? Do you know that the regular use of nail paints and then removers can completely make your nails dry and brittle and make it prone to being weak?


Would you like to have chipped nails, on which you cannot apply any nail paint and look good or would you rather go for beautifully gorgeous shaped nails on your toes and fingers? If you choose the latter option, you are here for a treat. In this article, we will concentrate on those things, which your nail might constantly be indicating of.

Chipped and Brittle Nails:

Our nails have to undergo a lot of inconveniences for our sake. To start with, when something is stuck to its hinge, the nail comes handy while we are trying to pull it up. Some of us try to chew them off, and the rest simply ignore the fact that too much remover can cause enough damage. So, if the nail chips off easily or is brittle enough –Would be evident that you might need to find remedies to take care of it. The lack of Vitamin A, B or biotin can be the cause as well.


Yellow Nails:

No, it’s not always because of your food habit, and you can’t simply look away when your fingernails are turning yellow. Smoking can cause your fingernails to turn yellow or the regular use of dark nail paint might although give you a gothic look, but the reason for discolouration could be because of the growth of some fungus. Get them checked by some dermatologist and the problem will be solved.

These are the two most common ailments, if we can call it so, that occurs on our fingers. Other than this, related to being brittle, there might appear horizontal or vertical ridges. The horizontal ridge means the drying out nail matrix; the horizontal would be a symptom of deep stress or something of that sort. Anyway, there is nothing a dermatologist can’t help you with, and even the good news is that there are plenty of home remedies which will all help you get back your healthy nail back.

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