Reasons for Hair Fall and how to Prevent it Naturally

Reasons for Hair Fall and how to Prevent it Naturally

10-12-2015   |  

Losing your crowning glory can be stressful, frustrating and worrisome. Even if you lead a healthy life that includes - abstaining from smoking and alcohol consumption, sleeping for 8 hours and drinking 4-5 litres of water every day, your hair strands may fall. There can be numerous Reasons for Hair Fall on a regular basis. Some of them are as follows . Read more...

Hair Care Mistakes

The 5 Worst Hair Care Mistakes

22-11-2015   |  

Are you longing for healthy locks, but seeing more than your share of split ends and frizz? Watch out for these common hair care mistakes! Washing your hair every day: Daily washing can leach oils out of your follicles, robbing them of their healthy sheen. Use shampoo every 2 – 3 days to keep your hair clean and retain that gorgeous shine. Using heat styling tools on wet hair:  Applying. Read more...

Hair Colour

Refreshing Tips to Maintain your Hair Colour Perfectly

18-09-2015   |  

Keeping Trendy Hair Colour is very much in vogue these days. From school-going adolescents who love to innovate and experiment with new stuff, to the elderly people who are more eager to conceal those grey strands, everyone seems to be deeply in love with the concept of colouring the tresses. There is no better way to prepare for a special occasion than getting a fresh coat of rich, shiny hair colour from . Read more...

Hair Styles

How to protect different kinds of Hair Styles ?

25-08-2015   |  

Hair Styles give a completely different look to a person. Every person has different Hair Styles- Some have straight hair while some have curly locks while some have chemically straightened hair. The care for different hair styles should be different and People should know the kind of treatment required for their hair type. If they follow the right Hair Styles , then hair will stay strong and lustrous for a longer period of time. Some tips for ha. Read more...

Body Waxing

The Pros and Cons of Body Waxing

09-08-2015   |  

Body Waxing is a technique of removing unwanted hairs temporarily. It removes hair directly from the root. The warm wax penetrates into the follicles and helps in pulling out the hair. This technique is suitable for removing hair from all hairy surfaces. Waxing is the long-lasting method of hair removals. As in this method, the hair is removed entirely; the skin is felt remarkably smoother than after shaving or applying chemical solutions. [go. Read more...

Itchy Scalp treatment

Itchy Scalp Treatment during Rainy Days

30-06-2015   |  

Each season has its wonders and woes, and monsoon is no exception. While summer comes with the mandatory body odour and winter with its dry skin, monsoon scares with its skin irritation, smelly feet, and itchy scalp. The itchy scalp can occur due to many reasons- from miserable dietary habits to negligence over hair care. But the effects are always the same- scratchy head and hair loss. There are other evils like- dry scalp, stressful lifestyle, . Read more...

Healthy Hair Tips for Voluminous Hair Naturally

Healthy Hair Tips for Voluminous Hair Naturally

16-05-2015   |  

If you ever have wished for long, shiny, beautiful tresses like Rapunzel or have wished to visualise one in situations where your jet black strand of hairs will make this rhythmic movement to a gust of wind, then we probably need to work magic in our hair. At least the wonderful universe with its abundance of pollution, oodles of humidity, life stress and rigorous strain of blow-dry and straighteners would never let all the wishes mentioned above. Read more...

What Causes Hair Fall

Tackle Oily Hair Problems Before A Party !

02-05-2015   |  

Oily hair is a major problem for many people especially those who have an active lifestyle. Oily hair makes hair look slick and limp. Everybody desires to have hair that’s bouncy and full of life. Oily hair looks flat and gives a dull appearance. Oily hair is extremely high in maintenance as it requires special care and daily shampooing. Excessive oil in your hair can be either due to lifestyle or due to the nature of your scalp. Oily hair if . Read more...