Face Fitness: 4 reasons you must start it pronto!

13-02-2016   |  

Face Fitness- the term was quite unknown a few years ago but now- it’s taking the world of beauty and fitness by storm. Who doesn’t want to have taut, wrinkle-free skin? That too, in the most reasonably priced way possible? Face Fitness serves you both the purposes with aplomb. Still confused why you should try it by yourself? Go through . Read more...

Winter Skin Care Tips for a Beautiful You

Winter Skin Care Tips for a Beautiful You

30-01-2016   |  

Winters brings red cheeks and glowing skin for many people, but along with it, they bring uncomfortable dryness on the skin especially the face, hands, and foot. For many people, the issue is worse than only a general tight, dry feeling: Their skin gets so dry that it leads to flaking, cracking, even eczema (where the skin becomes inflamed).Here are some winter skincare tips: . Read more...

How to Get Rid of Dandruff

Quick Tips on How to Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally !

15-12-2015   |  

Dandruff is something which can be a source of great embarrassment at times, and a lot of people fret from the very thought of having it! Friends, I know I speak for all of you out there, when I mention about that mortified vibe that we get during an interview, or while having some gala-time with your friends, when we have that undying urge to scrape an itchy scalp and simultaneously be terrified about getting all that white residue on the formal. Read more...

chemical peel

How does Chemical Peel Work ?

12-12-2015   |  

Skin problems like wrinkles and acne bother men and women of all ages alike. Some skin problems are extremely bothersome and don’t get solved even after the use of cosmetic products and trying out home remedies. To cure acne, many people rely on popping antibiotic pills on a regular basis. Dermatologists have come up with a unique solution to most skin problems in the form of chemical  Peels. Chemical peel rejuvenates the skin’s surface clea. Read more...

Body Spa at Home

Body Spa at Home-Ultimate Tips and Tricks !

03-12-2015   |  

Want a relaxing spa treatment at home but don’t want to step out? No problems! You can always go in for Body Spa at Home treatment in the comfort of your home at a fraction of cost by following the following tips and tricks. Facial Spa at home Prepare your face at home by cleansing your skin thoroughly with milk. Milk . Read more...


Taking care of your Fingernails

20-10-2015   |  

It is said that one who is healthy from nail to nail is stronger and has better immunity than others. You take care of your whole body with precision but somehow miss the nails. How will you judge the condition of your fingernails? If you are aware of the abnormalities of a fingernail and careful enough, then you can avoid a lot of undesirable conditions.. Read more...

Cosmetic Surgery

Aspects To Consider Before Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

08-10-2015   |  

Why undergo a Cosmetic Surgery? You should always be clear why do you want to undergo cosmetic surgery. There are only a few reasons why one would want to go for cosmetic surgery like, for rectifying any chronic disorder or disease, for curing any skin disease, for correcting the nose, lips, ear shape, or simply to get a celebrity like look. It is the personal choice of each one of us why to opt for cosmetic surgery. There are men and w. Read more...

Reasons Why Spending a Day at the Spa can be Good for You

7 Reasons Why Spending a Day at the Spa can be Good for You

14-09-2015   |  

After working hard for the whole day, relaxation is required by each and every person. It is very essential for the mind and also the body to relax and feel calm and composed. When it comes to relaxing, a spa treatment is the best kind of therapy for doing away with tiredness in the body. There are lost more benefits of body spa. a day at the spa helps you to lose weight and maintain a fit body and health. There are some many reasons which can ma. Read more...