Apply Lipstick like a Pro

7 Steps to Apply Lipstick Like a Pro

25-08-2017   |  

Lipstick is that essential part of the woman’s makeup which can either add stars to her look or completely ruin it. Choosing the right lipstick matters a lot because sometimes a good look can be ruined completely by a weird shade of lipstick and sometimes even if you used the right shade, you might not get the best results. Often, people have very amateur application styles, and this leads their lipsticks to be caking, flaking off, melting and . Read more...

Beauty Mistakes

Top 15 Beauty Mistakes you Need to Stop Making Now!

22-08-2017   |  

Do you read the beauty routine of celebrities and famous bloggers to get some tips? Well, most of us do! Everyone wants to have flawless, gorgeous skin. And that is why most people today follow the skincare routine of celebrities or famous bloggers to get beautiful skin and hair. But, following a skincare regimen perfectly is not a skill that everyone has! And so, today we are going to tell you top beauty mistakes that you might be making. . Read more...

Hair Removal Wax

Unveiling the Easy Steps to Make Hair Removal Wax at Home

18-08-2017   |  

Do you have to visit a salon for getting a wax, but are not able to due to time constraints? Well, this is a problem that every woman has faced either once or twice in their life. Getting a wax at a beauty salon can be sometimes expensive and time-consuming. Also, some women feel shy about visiting a salon and getting a wax done. So, if you want to try waxing at home, this article can help you out! In this article, you will get to know some easy . Read more...

Uses of Baby Oil

Discover Surprisingly Amazing Uses of Baby Oil!

11-08-2017   |  

Do you remember the Baby oil ads that keep flashing on your television now and then? They claim to be good for your child’s skin but are they useful for you too? Here are a few Uses of Baby Oil which can very well surprise you and can be put to good use! . Read more...

Facial Swelling

5 Unbeatable Home Remedies for Facial Swelling!

08-08-2017   |  

The problem of waking up with a puffy face is quite common, and this is what the article is all about! We have come up with these unbeatable home remedies for facial swelling! Do you wake up with that swollen and puffy face in the morning? It just ruins your day as you might not want to go out with that swollen face.It is a quite normal occurrence that can happen to anyone and you do not have to rush to the doctor immediately! But yes, if you . Read more...

5 minute makeup routine

Simple and Quick Steps for a 5 Minute Makeup Routine

05-08-2017   |  

Every girl loves to apply makeup and flaunt their beauty. But, admit it girls we are a bit lazy, aren’t we? Yes, most of us are! When it comes to makeup, most of the time girls end up applying just kohl and lipstick because they do not have much time. But, what if we tell you that you can get a perfect look in just 5 minutes? Well, yes it is right! Today, we are going to share ten simple steps for a 5 minute makeup routine. Excited, aren’t yo. Read more...

Lip Care Tips

Lip Care Tips Every Woman Should Try

04-08-2017   |  

Lips are an essential component of one’s face. Almost all of the girls love wearing lip shades of all kinds- bright, nudes, pastels, etc. No lipstick can give your lips the exact colour and a perfect pout if you don't take care of them. Lips should be taken care of not only in winters but all seasons. Your lips have to face a lot. They get dried up, cracked, split, sunburnt, swollen and most commonly they become darker. Are you already sufferin. Read more...

Prevent Skin Diseases

Effective Tips to Prevent Skin Diseases this Monsoon!

02-08-2017   |  

The cool breeze, the cloudy weather and the soothing raindrops make everyone love the rainy season. But, the downside of this season is that it brings along a host of infections and skin diseases. While we enjoy getting wet in the rain, we forget that the monsoon shower actually harms our skin to a great extent; leading to various skin problems. Thus, to prevent skin diseases; you must be cautious. . Read more...