Beautiful Lips

The Best Ways to Have Plump Lips Naturally

10-09-2016   |  

Who doesn't want luscious lips like Angelina Jolie? These days the trend is to get fillers for your lips to make them look like they are bee-stung plump. But why to opt for such artificial means to enhance your natural beauty when you can opt for natural ways to get Plump Lips. . Read more...

Ways to deal with Wrinkles

Some Amazing Ways to Deal with Wrinkles !

02-09-2016   |  

How is Wrinkle formed? The fold of the skin is the wrinkle. We get the idea of how old a person is by looking at his or her skin. Old people lose the capacity of stretching and holding in moisture. Collagen, the protein, and elastin, the fibre plays a prominent role in preventing wrinkles. Over the ageing, the dermis loses its essential elements making the skin thinner. As a result, the skin loses the smooth appearance, and the epidermi. Read more...


Feel more Beautiful by changing your Approach

21-07-2016   |  

There is a saying that everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it. You might not feel beautiful, but that doesn’t mean you are not. God has blessed everybody with some form of beauty which may or may not be visible to all. When you think harder, you will realise that nobody feels pretty unless appreciated by the world around you. Therefore, with a little experimentation with self, everybody can project beauty.   Begin with . Read more...

Beauty spots

Beauty Spots : A Craze in the Modern Age

27-06-2016   |  

People in Today’s age are very much concerned about their look, especially women. A lot of women nourish a dream of having some beauty spot or marks that increase their beauty quotient. A beauty mark or a beauty spot is a euphemism for a type of mole. Human beings are very fascinated about these marks on their faces or any part of their body. People think that it enhances the beauty of their face or body. This can be their birthmarks or some fa. Read more...

Layering for lips

Layering-for lips, the Kylie Jenner Effect

18-05-2016   |  

Someone bless that woman Kylie Jenner for getting people back on the right track. While the world was running after changing their appearance completely with the help of the cosmetic surgery and its many wonders, this girl took the liberty of changing the way she would look by simply enhancing the best part of her face- her lips. The basic importance of lip and their function can never be too complicated to crack, because let’s face it, it is t. Read more...

Dried out skin

Simple remedies to overcome Dried out skin !

14-05-2016   |  

Lots of people around the globe are afflicted with difficulties because of dried-out skin problems. Dried-out skin types are often associated with flaky, pale and dull surfaces. They could be irritating and make the surface to itch. A hard and scaly surface can sometimes bleed because of the formation of fractures and crevices. The top of elbows and also the knees are usually the most affected. However, the facial surface can also be uncovered t. Read more...

Hair growth tips

Hair growth tips using Ayurveda

04-04-2016   |  

Hair growth and its development are a matter of concern for one and all. As indicated by Ayurveda, hair is fed by the supplement plasma that is taken from the food that you eat. Be that as it may; certain sustenance has a negative impact and cause abundant Pitta Dosha in the body which is the explanation for overabundance male pattern baldness. Apart from Pitta Dosha, different explanations behind male pattern baldness as per Ayurveda are hormona. Read more...

Tips for Healthy skin

Tips for Healthy Skin for a Beautiful You !

30-03-2016   |  

Everyone in this world wants to be the centre of attention and get a compliment simply because they love themselves and want to feel and look beautiful. It is just not a physical state of mind but is the charm which can make you feel special amongst a crowd. But being beautiful is not easy because beauty decays with growing age. So we have to take care of our skin, which plays the most important role to sustain our beauty. Everyone wants clear . Read more...