10 Smashing Foods For Weight Gain!

10 Smashing Foods For Weight Gain!

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People spend blindly on buying expensive supplements, and they even start eating whatever comes their way just to gain some pounds. Are you one of them? We hope you aren’t! Okay, we understand how badly you want to gain those extra kilos, but a shortcut can never get you best results. Gaining weight or adding muscles can be as hard as losing weight but little changes and efforts can help you to achieve your target! What should you do then? Well, before trying those supplements, why not make some change in your regular diet and routine? And doing so is not that tough! Dragging yourself to the gym is not the only option, you can try out these foods instead, which are believed to be the best foods for weight gain.


Best Foods For Weight Gain:

1. Healthy Cereals

Say hi to healthy cereals if trying to gain some weight as they are an excellent source of calories, carbs and healthy nutrients. However, you should avoid high-sugar and processed cereals, start including healthier forms like oatmeal to your diet as it can be a great carb source to add. Grain-based cereals and oats can be a very healthy food option as they also contain beneficial nutrients like fibre and healthy antioxidants. Do not hesitate to read the label before purchasing and avoid the ones with refined grains or added sugar.
Some healthy choices to keep in mind while purchasing cereals:

So, stick to healthier forms of cereals like oatmeal as they can be an excellent way to gain weight!

2. Rice

Adding rice to your diet can be beneficial for you as it comes with a high amount of energy. Did you know 100 grams of rice can give you around 130 calories? You can simply add a generous portion of rice to your daily meal to add hundreds of extra calories. The best thing is, it’s a very digestive grain as well as an inexpensive food option for weight gain. Rice contains many essential vitamins such as niacin, thiamin. Rice is just easy and quick to prepare. And most importantly, you can try out many recipes with this! This makes rice one of the Top Foods for weight gain

3. Milk

Most of us just run away from milk, and our mothers make all the possible efforts to make us drink at least one glass of milk. But she does so because she knows how important is it for us, for our health and for meeting our daily nutritional needs. Milk provides a good balance of carbs, protein and fats, and has been used as a muscle builder or weight gainer for decades. Milk is just amazing for gaining weight, and it is also a good source of calcium as well as other vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of Organic Milk

Are you trying to add more muscles? Choose milk as a healthy option because it is an excellent source of protein providing both whey and casein proteins. Research suggests that milk can help you add muscle when combined with weight lifting.
Another study shows that milk, or casein and whey combined, can result in greater mass gain than any other protein sources. Start drinking milk to add protein to your diet.

4. Bananas

You might have heard of eating a banana for weight gain from almost everyone. Bananas are convenient, affordable and most importantly good in taste. They have extremely beneficial for you if you want to add those pounds. Bananas are a great way of putting on weight because banana contains around 100 calories. Bananas also come with some fibre and are a good source of potassium and essential vitamin.

5. Whole-Grain Bread

Whole-grain bread is another good carb source for weight gain. You can just combine bread with protein sources such as meat, eggs and cheese and your very easy, quick, high-calorie and well-balanced meal is ready!
One thing to keep in mind while purchasing bread would be to aim for natural whole grains and seeded bread. Just try combining whole-grain bread with a good protein source in your daily meal to witness the change in your weight.

Foods For Weight Gain

6. Avocados

Avocados are excellent in proving the right amount of calories and fats to your diet. Avocados can be a dieter’s nightmare and a skinny person’s best buddy. They are surprisingly energy packed, and you can try them for gaining weight.
You’ll be surprised to know that in standardly sized avocados, there are approximately 320 calories with 29 grams of fat. Some of the fat is saturated, so we recommend you to eat it wisely and within a limit. Do not just go too crazy on these delicious fruits. You can add avocados to your salad to give it a bit more energy density.

7. Whole Eggs

Saying that Whole eggs are one of the healthiest muscle-building foods on the planet won’t be wrong! Why? It’s because they contain a great combination of healthy fats and high-quality proteins. Are you fed up of being skinny? Eating a whole egg can help you with that! Forget the myths about their links to heart issues. But as anything in excess can be harmful so is the case with eggs. You’ll get almost all of the beneficial nutrients in the yolk.
We would not recommend you to eat them if you have an intolerance to eggs. If you do not have any such issue, you do not need to limit your egg consumption.

Choline Rich Foods

8. Soybeans

One of the popular foods for weight gain is Soybeans. Soybeans are healthy, inexpensive and full of nutrition. Isn’t it enough to make these a staple of yours? There are 400 calories in 100-gram servings of soybeans, including an astounding 36 grams of protein and very little in the way of fat. You’ll be surprised to know that it’s a better protein source than red meat. There’s so much more to add; it’s also rich in iron, magnesium and calcium.

9. Healthy Fats And Oils

Healthy fats and oils can help you to gain weight as they are some of the most calorie-dense foods available to us. You can just add a tsp of oil to salads, sauces and during cooking to add more calories! With fats, we mean healthy fats here, we are not talking about the processed vegetable oils. You can include avocado oil, extra virgin oil and coconut oil.

10. Full-Fat Yogurt

Full fat yoghurt can be another convenient and healthy snack for you as it has an excellent nutritional profile, including a right combination of carbs, fat and protein. You can prepare many dishes based on yoghurt. You can combine yoghurt and fruits; you can make puddings and smoothies.

You can eat the above foods for weight gain. Apart from this, you can try to get yourself an eating schedule. The reasons for a lot of skinny people not being able to gain weight is an inadequate diet and not eating enough. Making dynamic changes in your diet won’t be a wise step, try to go about slowly and gradually, add more frequent snacking instead. Drink lots of water as it can help move the nutrients around your body, and will provide a bit of additional mass in the form of water weight.

Apart from the foods for weight gain, try including some muscle building exercises to your routine. Sleep well, eat good and stay happy:

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