3 Best Bicep Workouts Suitable for Everyone

3 Best Bicep Workouts Suitable for Everyone

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A strong arm is what everyone wants. Males want it to be muscular whereas the females want it slender and properly toned. Arms are one of the body parts that come to mind first when someone thinks of a good physique. In fact, a curvy arm is a cause of envy. Heavy bicep workouts bring the desired shape of the arms, but the same regimen is not possible for everyone. On the other hand, everyone does not want a large pair of arms. They want something that looks curvy and proportionately muscular like the athletes.Here we discuss the best Bicep Workouts which can be done by one and all.


The important muscles of the forearms are the biceps and triceps. Working out for these set of muscles makes your deltoid prominent. There is a dynamic set of exercises that cannot be performed by everyone. There are a set of tasks that can be performed by any types of bodies for the growth of strong biceps. These bicep workouts are mostly freehand exercises designed to give the best output for the biceps.

Best bicep workouts:

The best biceps workouts apart from the weight lifting are suitable for anybody in the starting phase. After that, it totally depends on the individual’s aim. Free hands exercises give good shapes proportionate to the body volume and weight and consequently Make the Muscle Stronger. Here are some workouts:

1. Chin Up:

The exercise is similar to that of the pull-ups, but the palms face towards you. The grip is different than the pull-ups. Holding the bar and hanging from it, you pull yourself up until the chin touches the bar. This set of exercise gives a lot of good effects on your back muscles. Due to its orientation, the biceps feel the emphasis. This exercise is far better than curls. When you pull your body up only with the help of your biceps and back, the biceps become capable of holding your body weight hence giving a good shape and volume.

2. Inverted Row:

If you do not have barbells, you can go for this set of exercise. This one also involves pulling your partial body weight with the biceps. The workout is very safe, and you can do it without injuring yourself. Lie on a table or a bar which is near your grasp. Use an overhand grip to hold the bar and pull your body up until you cross the edge of it with your chin. This will contract your abdominal muscles when you try to maintain your straight body posture while hanging from the bar. Pivot your body by touching the heel to the ground. Repeat it in sets.

3. Resistance band:

Use your feet to anchor the band and hold the ends with your arms and keep the chest straight. Start pulling the band bending your elbows and keep your eyes and back straight. Lower the arms slowly and pull up gently. Do a set on one hand and then switch. Your grips must face towards you.

These three sets of bicep workouts are very useful for anybody structures and give effective results on a regular execution.

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