4 Refreshing Summer Drinks for Weight Loss

4 Refreshing Summer Drinks for Weight Loss

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Come summer, and all we crave is refreshing drinks that can save us from the scorching heat of the sun and humidity. What happens next? We lay our hands on sodas, packed fruit juices, and soft drinks, that are unhealthy and makes us gain weight. It is true we must drink something to quench our thirst in the summer season, but that ‘something’ shouldn’t be sugary beverages that can wreak havoc on health. So here are some cool refreshing summer drinks for weight loss that will not only help you stay cool but also maintain the sexy figure you have.

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Top 4 Refreshing Summer Drinks for Weight Loss

1. Cucumber Mint Syrup


• Six cucumber slices
• 1 ½ cups club soda
• ½ sprig of fresh mint


How to Prepare?

In a glass of club soda, mix slices of cucumber and mint. Fill the glass with ice. Drink chilled.

2. Apple Lemonade


• Three small apples
• Four tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

How to Prepare?

Rinse the apples properly and cut them into small chunks. Put pieces of apple and lemon juice into the juicer. Pour the apple lemonade juice into a glass filled with ice and serve immediately.

3. Peach Cooler


• ½ cup orange juice
• 1 cup frozen peaches
• ¾ cup vanilla-flavoured milk

peach 2

How to Prepare?

Toss these amazing ingredients into the blender. Enjoy!

4. Indian Gooseberry Juice (Amla Juice)


• 6 pieces of Amla
• 6 – 10 Mint leaves
• A small piece of ginger
• One tablespoon honey
• Salt for taste
• One glass water

How to Prepare?

Rinse amla properly and cut it into small pieces and remove the seed. Now wash the mint leaves properly. Put water, mint leaves, amla pieces, and ginger in the grinder and grind for two minutes. Your juice is ready!

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Try these fantastic refreshing summer drinks for weight loss. Also, follow some healthy tips to lose weight in a quick span of time.

Additional Tips for Weight Loss:

1. Eat lots of fruits and green vegetables

2. Increase your protein intake

3. Cut calories from your diet

4. Go for a morning walk daily

5. Do not take the stress

6. Get 6 – 8 hours of sleep every night

7. Limit the consumption of salt and sugar

8. Keep a food journal and count calories that you consumed every day

9. Stay away from junk food

10. Exercise every day

Follow these tips to get a slimmer body quickly. And don’t forget to go for a health checkup, because sometimes obesity can be a cause of an underlying medical condition.

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