5 Time-Tested Tips To Maintain Your Ideal Body Weight

5 Time-Tested Tips To Maintain Your Ideal Body Weight

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Have you just dropped some pounds and are happy with your new body that boosts your confidence? Congratulations! All your hard work finally paid off! Well, we can understand how it feels when you finally get back to the shape! But we are here to remind you that even if you have lost those extra inches, you are still in need of maintaining an ideal body weight. You might be wondering that how can you maintain your ideal body weight? Fortunately, you can do so with a little vigilance and efforts.

We have been discussing how being overweight or obese can increase your risk of developing serious health issues and you would never want that to happen, right? Even we do not want that to happen; this is why we have come up with these easy ways for maintaining an ideal body weight.

What is an Ideal Body Weight ?

Well, it tells you how much you should ideally weigh. Are you maintaining your ideal body weight? Let us figure out. Calculating your BMI, i.e., body mass index is the best way to know whether your body weight is ideal. BMI is a gross estimate for the fat amount present in your body. Following is the BMI chart which can help you determine if your body weight is ideal or not:-
So, are you maintaining your ideal body weight? If yes, then you might want to continue with this ideal weight. For doing so, you can take help from these tips to maintain ideal body weight.


Tips To Maintain Your Ideal Body Weight :

1.Keep a Check On Your Diet

Well, people often give less importance to keep track of what they eat, and unfortunately, they fail to maintain their ideal body weight. Do you eat more than your burn? Are you physically inactive? We are sorry to tell you that you are not taking good care of your health then! What happens when you eat more than you burn? You’ll be surprised to know that around 60-80% of the excess will be stored as fat! You just need to be smart about what you eat and how much you eat. Cut down those unhealthy tiny portions from your diet and stick with nutritious, unprocessed foods to stay away from those sneaky calorie traps.Try to be vigilant, start keeping a health journal, write down your food and physical activities to track how are you meeting your goals.

Here is a Handy Tool BMR Calculator App to monitor your BMI depending on your body weight, height and age.

Good Food can lead to Healthy Life

2.Eat a Consistent Diet

The mantra of following a consistent diet can be helpful to maintain your ideal body weight. Sticking to the same types of foods is way better than eating more on weekends, special occasions or holidays. Make sure you don’t skip your meal as doing so can slow down your metabolism, and you’ll be burning fewer calories at rest.

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3.Stay Active

Physical activity can help you maintain your ideal body weight. Not only this, but you can also lower the risks of diabetes, strokes, heart problems and certain cancers. Choose an active lifestyle that will make it much easier to maintain your ideal body weight. Dragging yourself to the gym is not the only way to stay fit, you can include some exercises into your morning routine instead. Make simple efforts, use stairs over lifts or you can go for a quick walk after the meal and what about parking your car further away?


4.Add More Fiber

Overeating can make you overweight, and high-fiber foods can work well to keep you away from overeating as they make you feel full. A study reveals that eating 10 g of fibre every day can help you lose about 3.7 percent abdominal fat. Some good sources of fibre:
-Brown Rice
-Whole Grains
-Bran cereal

5.Drink Plenty Of Water

A study says that drinking water can temporarily raise your metabolism and increasing water consumption by 1.5 litres a day can lead to an annual calories expenditure of around 17,400 calories. Adequate hydration is essential for all the body functions which can further help you with weight management.

Drinking Water

So, these are some of the tips to maintain your ideal body weight. You just have to be patient and focused as miracles won’t happen if you won’t let them happen! Stick to your commitments, follow a healthy routine, eat good and sleep well.

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