ABC Diet for Weight Loss: What it is and how to do it?

ABC Diet for Weight Loss: What it is and how to do it?

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Winter is here, and we have already started loading our stomach with fried snacks and tea. Everyone loves to have hot milk tea and fries in the chilly weather, but overeating junk food can make people gain weight. Also, it is difficult to lose weight in the winter season because we don’t sweat much, and also don’t love to go outdoors and engage in physical activities and just stay indoors enjoying the warmth of our bed. Yes, winter is here, and it is the perfect time to gain weight. People who are already overweight or obese must be trying hard to shed a few pounds. What if I told you that you can burn calories and lose weight without exercising? There is a diet plan known as ABC Diet which can help you lose weight. Let us know more about it.

What is ABC Diet?

The Ana Boot Camp, or ABC Diet, is a diet that promotes weight loss through calorie restriction. The aim of this diet is to consume low calories in such a way that the body does not go into starvation. It is developed to reduce calorie intake day after day. Our metabolism is designed in a way that it adjusts its nature according to our food intake. So as you reduce calorie intake, your body starts to function accordingly.

It is important to have a good metabolism to lose weight. If your metabolism is slow, your body will not be able to process the calories you take in, and hence the calories will be accumulated in the form of fat. If you want your body to accumulate less fat, you need to consume fewer calories or boost your metabolism. The ABC diet helps to boost the body’s metabolism, thereby promoting weight loss. Let us now understand how ABC diet works.

How does ABC Diet Works?

The Ana Boot Camp or ABC Diet involves a 50-day eating schedule that lists the number of calories a person is allowed to consume each day. On most days, a person can eat 0 to 50 calories. Do not overdo this diet because it can cause more harm than good. Following this diet carefully and properly can make you reach your goal weight within 50 days.

Divide the entire diet plan into five phases to make it an effective 50 days ABC diet meal plan:

Phase 1 – First 10 Days

• Eat days worth of 500 calories for the first 2 days
• Reduce it to 300 on Day 3
• Then the next day increase the calorie intake up to 400
• Decrease it to only 100 on day 5
• After that increase it to 200 calories
• From day 7 – 9 increase 100 calories every day until you reach 500
• On day 10, do not eat anything. Keep a fast

Phase 2 –Day 11 to Day 20

• Start this period with 150 calories
• Then you need to increase it to 200
• On next day increase it to 400
• Then gradually decrease your calorie intake to 350 to 250 and then 200
• On the 7th day, you have to fast
• On the eighth day, take 200 calories
• Take 100 calories on the 9th day
• End this period by keeping a fast on the tenth

Phase 3 – Day 21 to Day 30

• Start day 21 by consuming 300 calories and then eventually decrease 50 calories every day until you reach 50 calories per day.
• Then consume 100 calories followed by 200 calories for the next two days
• Increase it to 300 and then on 9th day consume 800 calories
• End this period by fasting on your 30th day.

Phase 4 – Day 31 to Day 34

• Start this phase by eating 250 calories, then increase it by 100 calories for the next 2 days.
• Fast on the 4th day

Phase 5 – Day 35 to Day 50

• This is the longest period in this diet plan. Start the phase with 500 calories and then keep reducing it by 50 calories per day until you reach 200 calories on the seventh day.
• Consume 200 calories on the eighth day
• Take 250 calories on the 9th day and then reduce it to 200 on the tenth day.
• Increase it to 300 calories and then reduce it to 200 then 150.
• End the ABC diet meal plan with fast.

Relation between Calories and the Metabolism Rate.

ABC Diet Plan Calorie Chart

Weeks Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 500 calories 500 calories 300 calories 400 calories 100 calories 200 calories 300 calories
Week 2 400 calories 500 calories Fast 150 calories 200 calories 400 calories 350 calories
Week 3 250 calories 200 calories Fast 200 calories 100 calories Fast 300 calories
Week 4 250 calories 200 calories 150 calories 100 calories 50 calories 100 calories 200 calories
Week 5 200 calories 300 calories 800 calories Fast 250 calories 350 calories 450 calories
Week 6 Fast 500 calories 450 calories 400 calories 350 calories 300 calories 250 calories
Week 7 200 calories 200 calories 250 calories 200 calories 300 calories 200 calories 150 calories

On Week 8, slowly return to your normal diet.

What are the Benefits of ABC Diet?

Many people go on this meal plan because they are overweight or obese and want to lose weight quickly. ABC Diet helps people burn calories and lose weight. It helps in stimulating your body to use the pre-stored fat in your body for energy generation. These fats are broken down to ATP, i.e. Adenosine Triphosphate that fulfils your energy needs.

What are the Side Effects of ABC Diet?

Be careful before going on this meal plan because many health professionals do not advise people to follow this diet because it may trigger anorexia. It is a disease which prevents people from eating and harms people’s health.

Some of the common side effects of ABC Diet are:

• Severe fatigue
• Trouble breathing
• Dry skin
• Joint pain
• Low blood pressure
• Extreme weight loss
• Dizziness
• Insomnia
• Constipation

Some of the severe side effects of ABC Diet are:

• Kidney problems
• Stomach disorders
• Anorexia
• Heart disease
• Anaemia
• Electrolyte imbalance
• Common degenerative diseases

Is the ABC Diet Plan Safe?

Generally, the ABC diet is considered safe if you are not suffering from any disease such as low blood pressure or diabetes. However, many doctors and nutritionists advise against it.

So, follow this diet plan only after consulting a doctor. If you don’t feel fine while you are on this diet, stop immediately. Make sure you don’t force your body for anything and stop the diet if you don’t feel alright. If you are obese, eat healthily and exercise to get back in shape. But never follow any diet plan before you consult a doctor. Because prevention is better than cure.

Also, get a health checkup done if you are obese or overweight because weight gain can be due to many health problems such as thyroid disorders, PCOS, and so on.

Preventive Health Check Up

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