Body Muscles: Bulky or Lean?

Body Muscles: Bulky or Lean?

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The kind of body muscles a person wants-Bulky or Lean depends on a number of factors. Going to Gym has become a trend these days and people are going there for a variety of reasons, but those who go to the gym for strengthening up have certain opinions about how they want to build up their physique.

It is either a Lean, well-toned muscular body or a heavily built bulky muscular body. Although it is highly dependent on how your body type is but you can always come up with a well-planned manner to build yourselves up and achieve your desired physique.

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Building up your physique does depend on your body, but it also depends on your genetic composition. Every next person has a different tendency to build body muscles. Even though it is a scientifically proven fact that the male hormone, testosterone, helps build up muscles but the body type is still the base reason.

Some people quickly gain muscles while others find it very hard and have to put in a lot of work to build up their physique. On the other hand, for some people, it’s nearly impossible to gain muscle over their body structure at all.

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Building up body muscles requires a lot of hard work and determination at various levels. The only way to build up a muscle in your body is to work it beyond its resisting capability and to overload it which leads to an increase in the muscle girth and changes shape. But the person building up also has to put an effort to change his/her diet and make sure that they have plenty of carbohydrates and calories.

When it comes to both type of muscular physiques, building up a lean body can be harder than making a puffed-up body. While going for a lean, toned body, you have to stop excessive muscle growth. Body type however also plays a significant role as mentioned earlier. But working out with exercises overloading your muscles a little bit less is recommended along with light endurance activities like running sprinting etc. and are generally preferred over long hours in the gym.

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A bulky puffed up body though is a result of high resistance exercises that overload your muscles a lot. It requires several excessive weight lifting activities done in several rounds and repeating them after resting muscles properly for 24-48 hours. It also requires your diet to be full of enough calories to provide you with energy for all these high-intensity sessions

If we compare these physiques, a lean body is considered to provide more strength because they are a result of full body movements and help in gaining speed as well. They help in making you more flexible. Bulky muscles, on the other hand, are responsible for a lot of fat loss and bring about a feel-good factor in your mind; it is known to reduce the body flexibility, speed as well as reflexes and does require a lot of gym time as well. Whereas Lean muscular physique requires you to do exercises like running, playing, etc. that involves a lot of interaction with natural surroundings which is considered a positive point. Lean muscle also causes a lot of fat loss in the long term. A lean muscular physique is usually considered better over a puffed up bulky frame, but hard work and determination always result in achieving the desired physique

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