Cardio Vs. Weight Training: Which is better for Weight Loss?

Cardio Vs. Weight Training: Which is better for Weight Loss?

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If you want to lose weight, then doing exercise is a must! But how to know which exercise burns fat the best way? Well, some say that cardio exercises such as running and cycling aids in weight loss; while others give preference to weight training. It can be said undoubtedly that both Cardio and Weight Training helps people lose weight. But when it comes to creating the fastest path to drop a few extra pounds, here’s why you must give Weight Training the preference. Curious to know how? For that, you must read this article as we have clearly explained ‘Cardio Vs. Weight Training: What should you choose to lose weight?’

Cardio Vs. Weight Training: Which is better to Lose Weight?

If you ask people who have just started hitting the gym as to what they do when they want to lose fat; and what they do when they have to build muscles. Probably, their answers would be that when they want to burn fat, they opt for cardio exercises, and when they want to build muscles, they start doing weight training exercises. It is because many people think that cardio makes them burn calories, while weight training makes them gain weight.


But is this fact correct? No, it is absolutely wrong! As already stated earlier, both weight training and cardio aids in weight loss. It is not wrong to say that cardio burns calorie, but it also breaks down the existing tissues, leaving you soft and skinny fat. But, if you want to get a toned look and change your body shape, then you need to lift heavy weights. And it is a fact that weight training exercises burn more calories than cardio.

So, you have got a basic idea now about the difference between Cardio and Weight Training. Let’s explore more and understand why Weight Training is better than Cardio when it comes to weight loss.

Reasons why Weight Training is Better than Cardio for Weight Loss:

1. Cardio Vs.  Weight Training: Weight Training Burns More Fat than Cardio

The first reason why weight training is better than cardio is that it burns more calories after the workout.

When you do weight training, you actually increase your muscle mass, which helps to boost your metabolism, and that in turn, makes your body burn extra calories. When you have lean muscle mass, your body requires more fuel for everyday functioning than fat, and hence, the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you are able to burn.

Weight Lifting

The second thing is that when you lift weights, it creates a lot of muscle damage that increases your post-workout metabolism. It is because your body takes energy to repair the muscle fibres that you have destroyed while training, which allows you to burn even more calories. Yes, of course, intensive cardio exercises such as 1 hour of cycling or running also create muscle damage (which is mostly to the legs) and boost your metabolism, but it is less than what you would get from weight training exercises.

A study conducted at North Dakota State University found that people can burn around 346 calories by performing a 6-exercise resistance circuit in just 13 minutes, whereas running at a 10-minute mile pace for 13 minutes will burn just 146 calories.

So, what is the conclusion? It can be concluded that, if you want to lean out as fast as possible, then weight training should be your top priority. Of course, you can add cardio exercises to your fitness regimen. But, do not make the mistake of resisting the resistance training; as cardio alone won’t benefit you much when it comes to shedding pounds.

2. Cardio Vs. Weight Training: Weight Training is better to Improve Aesthetics

Another big reason why you should choose Weight Training over Cardio is that weight training allows you to reshape your body completely, thereby improving your physical aesthetics. Weight training develops every muscle in your body and gives you a dashing spectacular physique. Good aesthetics means a proper balance between size, proportion, symmetry and body fat percentage. Most people with greatly-built bodies do a lot of strength training for a prolonged period to get the desired physique.

On the other hand, cardio exercise such as running builds muscle only in the lower legs. Running sure is a whole-body movement, but it primarily focuses on ankle joints and cardiovascular system.  Strength training does not just focus on calves and quads, but it also develops every skeletal muscle in the body.

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Yes, we agree that cardio exercises help in shedding a few extra pounds, but when it comes to reshaping the body, you should prefer weight training. It is because when you do cardio, you lose a considerable amount of weight, but your body does not get in proper shape because although you have lost some fat, the muscles are not toned properly, and hence cardio does not give a lot of benefits when it comes to improving the aesthetics.

If you want to change your overall physical appearance, meaning thereby that you want to get a lean, toned body; then say yes to ‘Weight training.’

Now, all the women reading this article; are you scared that if you lift weights, you will get a ‘manly’ look? Well, most of the women are actually afraid of this! But, let us get clear about one thing that lifting weights does not give any woman a ‘manly’ look. It is simply a misconception and nothing else!

It is because women do not have enough testosterone in their body to develop this degree of masculinity naturally. And thus, women should not feel shy while lifting weights at the gym and should go for it to lose weight and get the physique they desire.

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3.Cardio Vs. Weight Training: Running is not the Best Way to Stay Fit Always

We are not saying that running is bad; it’s just that it stresses your muscles and joints which can even lead to injuries by causing weakness in the core and hip-stabilizing muscles. On the other hand, strength training can make your joints strong and reduce the risk of injuries from all types of training. Wonder why so many runners today have incorporated strength training into their training plans? Well, it is only because it allows them to strengthen the imbalances and prioritise movements that cycling and running don’t adequately train.



4. Cardio Vs. Weight Training: Weight Training is A Lot More Fun

Believe us, when we say this that weight training is more fun than cardio as you can try different varieties of exercises in this training plan. When it comes to cardio, you can count the exercises for weight loss at your fingertips. So, there is cycling, running and swimming! That’s it, right? Cardio does not offer a whole lot in the variety department. Yes, of course, you can go cycling both indoors or outdoors or uphill or downhill.

But, is it enough? No, it isn’t! You don’t need monotony in your fitness regimen for weight loss as you can easily get distracted and stop exercising altogether! We don’t want you to get bored with your fitness plan! So, what’s the best way to keep exercising? Well, you can do weight training as there are literally Hundreds of ways to do pushups, and that’s just one strength training exercise we are talking about! Weight training offers a more full-fledged workout that is quite frankly a lot more fun to do.

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Cardio Vs. Weight Training: The Conclusion

Both, Strength training and Cardio help you lose body fat. Sure, weight training is better when it comes to achieving weight loss goal. But, Cardio has its own benefits too! So, is weight training better than cardio? We can say that in some areas, yes and in some no. The bottom line is that you need to incorporate both the training exercises into your workout regimen to keep yourself healthy and fit.

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