Creative ways to Burn Calories

Creative ways to Burn Calories

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There are many straightforward ways to burn calories. Everybody is too preoccupied with their fast lifestyle, so there is no time for the gym or other fitness options. But to stay healthy, you have to do some work to burn calories. Most people wish to be slim and trim and have a healthy body. If you don’t have time for the gym, then don’t worry there are lots of other creative ways to burn calories. Just put in an extra effort -it can yield great results.

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Laughing More

Laughing is the best exercise to burn calories. Studies have revealed that Laughing not only increases energy but it burns 10-40 calories per day only for a 10-15minutes laugh session.


Walk at Work Place

You can burn calories at work place. Surprised? It’s true. All-day you are stuck at your desk at your workplace. Manage some time from work to stroll around the office to stretch your legs. Research says that you can burn 40 calories by doing this. Whenever you get a chance -try to walk. These extra Brisk Walking can burn 10 calories for only spending an extra five minutes.

Clean the House

Clean your house all by yourself. Wash your dishes, cook dinner, and do the vacuum cleaning. Though you are habituated with the luxury of not doing these things doing some of this can burn calories and in fact a lot of them. 20-25 minutes of vacuuming burns around 70 calories. Sweeping is again a good method to burn calories. Do it for 20 minutes to shed substantial calories. Apart from this-Dusting, cleaning the bathroom also helps to burn calories. The upper portion of the body also gets worked up when you do these works at home.


Outdoor Work

Those with a passion for gardening too can burn 80 calories for a 20-minute session of gardening.
Gardening, Mowing, Raking all are the best way to stretch your muscles. You can burn 80 calories while you are raking. For Best Results-Try mowing for 45 minutes to burn 200 calories.

Dancing to Burn Calories

Dancing is great exercise. Just switch on the music and start the movements. Dancing is very good for the heart. It provides you with some much-needed cardio. The heart pumping at the time of dance has a very positive impact on the body.You can burn 90-100 calories by dancing for 20 minutes. So don’t think too much start dancing every day to have great fun and a healthy body.


Go to nearby places Walking

Go to the nearest Grocery store or other places walking instead of a car or a bike. Walking will help to stretch your arms and shoulders. It burns 75 calories if done for 15 minutes. Walking to school for Children can act as a stress buster.

Balance Diet

A healthy and slim body is an outcome of exercise coupled with a balanced diet. Besides drinking a lot of water on a regular basis too helps in keeping the body tuned up. According to a study in America “two-ounce glasses of water taken before meals, enables to shed pounds”. The three components of your metabolism are physical activity, nutrition and hydration. But fasting is not the right way to keep your metabolism on track. Always follow a balanced diet regularly.

Using Stairs

Avoid the lift and try to use Stairs instead. Using the stairs to reach home or office is a great way to shed calories.

Washing Clothes

Wash your clothes by hand occasionally. Washing helps in flexing your muscles and keeps you, fitter. So try washing your clothes as and when you have the time instead of relying on the washing machine.

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