Discover the Numerous Benefits of Yoga

Discover the Numerous Benefits of Yoga

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Yoga, a 5000-year-old exercise form, creates the perfect balance between mind, body, and spirit and has for long been celebrated in many countries of the world and there are many Health Benefits of Yoga. It is the perfect holistic lifestyle that is still being adopted by many for the transformation that it brings. Yoga is a healing system of theory and practice. It helps a person not only to improve their physical health but also assist in managing stress and improving good mental being. It has been benefiting individuals, all across the globe, immensely!

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Just like working out in a gym you can also choose yoga if you wish to stay fit and healthy. Yoga can be done anywhere be it your home or a park and the most important thing is that it does not even require any expensive accessories or equipment. The fundamental purpose of yoga is creating strength, awareness, harmony and peace in your body.

The Importance of Yoga in our Life can be gauged from its many Benefits. Yoga improves flexibility; it helps in strengthening of your muscles, and it helps in toning of the whole body with the aid of various stretching positions. It prevents various chronic diseases such as arthritis, back pain and many other joint pains. Yoga plays a very important role in maintaining the posture which can be very helpful in old age. Poor posture can cause back pain, neck pain and various other joint pains which can lead to bad consequences.

Yoga is very beneficial especially for the ones who are suffering from osteoporosis. Stretching which involves in yoga boosts immunity. Yoga increases the concentration power and meditation builds awareness. Yoga plays a very important role in losing weight.

Yoga forever has embraced enthusiasts from all ages and walks of life. It does not have a niche clientèle or the need for immense skill, flexibility or youth- that is the magic of yoga. Gymnasiums and studios have popped up all over the places teaching people the many breathing exercises and meditation with healing properties that have found a place with the strongest, weakest and the ageing. It is a great method of finding inner positive vibes and focus.

Yoga involves building stamina and physical flexibility gradually, one step at a time, and lays tremendous focus on focusing on problem areas that need healing. Apart from the Health Benefits of Yoga , It not just helps in attaining fitness and health but also peace of mind that is very precious.


The Many Benefits of Yoga

1. Helps to Relieve Back Pain

Yoga is a more effective treatment for chronic back pain than usual medicinal care. It has been found out that people living with chronic lower back pain could function better after practising yoga for few months, although the pain has not diminished sufficiently.

2. Improves Fertility

Yoga helps to relax, de-stress and opens up energetic channels. Certain yoga postures are particularly good to the uterus, pelvic region, etc., Which aid the better flow of blood to the reproductive organs and also augment hormone secretion which makes conception easier.

3. Gives great Relief from Hangover

Since yoga improves respiration, energy and vitality through various breathing techniques and ‘Asanas’ which stimulate the body parts, it helps to detox our entire system. The poses of ‘shoulder stand’, ‘plough,’ as well as ‘fish’ tend to function on the thyroid gland and thereby facilitate metabolism. As a result, one can easily overcome the hangover comparatively faster.

4. Helps to combat Heart Diseases

It has been proven that yoga improves respiration, energy and vitality and therefore helps to better cardio and circulatory health. It increases our capacity to exercise and eventually plays a major role in reducing the risk of heart disease.

5. Controls Diabetes

Another of the many health benefits of Yoga is that it can be instrumental in controlling diabetes as it helps to keep BMI in control and helps keep sugar levels in check.


6. Heals or reduces Asthma Significantly

It incorporates a lot of breathing techniques called ‘Pranayama’which improves respiration, energy and vitality in the long run.

7. Induces Sleep

It is one of the most efficient approaches for getting a good night’s sleep. It effectively reduces blood pressure and reduces insomnia to a great extent.

8. Combats Multiple Sclerosis

It helps in effective muscle functioning by increasing flexibility, strength and toning of the body. This goes a long way to counter issues that come with Multiple Sclerosis where the main problem is the loss of co- ordination and proper functioning of the muscles.

Yoga Postures

9. Memory Charger

The benefits of yoga may even extend to your brain. By reducing mental stress and physical tension, we can recall better and harmonise our thoughts faster.

10. Effective stress buster and Maintains Metabolic Balance of the Body

Other than the array of physical benefits, one of the best benefits of yoga is how it helps a person manage stress, which has been known to have devastating effects on the body and mind. Yoga triggers health consciousness, which in turn leads to healthy eating, thereby helping to maintain a balanced metabolism. This can help in early detection of physical problems or ailments and allow for early preventive action.
The meditation which is a crucial part of yoga helps in diverting the mind from chaos to tranquillity and peace. Mental peace alone can cure a lot many diseases that otherwise involve popping in loads of pills and trips to the doctor. It also increases mental alertness and clarity of thinking.

11. Emotional Health Boost

Regular yoga practice ensures calmness of body and mind. It increases the awareness of one’s body, busts chronic stress and frees the mind from the constraints. It has been even found out that practised as a group activity; yoga can even stimulate the production of Oxytocin, which is the love and bonding inducing hormone in the human body.
The immense Yoga Benefits and its increasing popularity is proof that many people value an exercise system that engages the mind, body and spirit in equal measure. If you’ve never done yoga before, give it a try and see what it can do for you.

12. Strength and Flexibility

The core focus of yoga is on improving flexibility and strength training which is necessary for a fast-paced life. They make the body healthy from inside and outside making you feel more confident about yourself. Most of the poses centre around the spinal region which is essential for the body and the core structure of all physical movements. Pains surrounding the neck shoulder and back are quickly alleviated by the simple exercises when done continuously. Major and minor aches and pains vanish with the twisting and stretching increasing body flexibility and reducing breathlessness.

13.Acts as a Booster for the Digestive System

Yoga coupled with a healthy diet and can work wonders for the digestive system, reducing acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. Apart from the many Benefits of Yoga it also helps in attaining a toned and lean look as the excess weight gets reduced and the muscles are worked on.

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14. Body Toning and Weight Reduction

Yoga can play a major role to tone up the body and help in weight reduction.

Here are some of the yoga positions which help in losing weight. The only thing required is consistency in doing it and need to rely on a proper diet.
Here are some of the Positions:
1. Crescent position- this position helps in tightening of hips, thighs and stomach area.
2. Rocking boat- it helps the abs and back. You just need to hold back of thighs and keep legs bent. It helps in firm abs and back.
3. Hover position- this position resembles to push-ups.
4. Chair position-this yoga position is quite similar to squats. It firms butt and thighs.

Ageless and Graceful

Yoga has endless success stories on transforming lives by rectifying physical disabilities and providing relief from chronic ailments like blood pressure, insomnia, diabetes. The asanas also help in strengthening the nervous system and alleviating digestive problems. Handling stress and focusing on financial concerns and relations becomes easier with the help of continued practice.

Pick a Suitable Style

There is more to yoga than slow breathing and twisting. It has a number of forms to choose from depending on the level of interest, ability, and interest. You need to find the right form that makes it interesting for you to follow this healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to practice it at home or in a studio, you can take your pick from power yoga, hot yoga, prenatal yoga and even hatha yoga. Each form has its history and methods not to mention famous personalities who have adopted some of them in the past and shot to fame with their fabulous bodies.

For the beginners, basic postures that can be achieved at a comfortable pace are available on various websites. If you like the form and are getting positive reactions from it move on to power yoga which increases strength by performing exercises against your own body’s resistance. An advanced stage may be the hot yoga also known as Bikram Yoga where you need to perform exercises at a high temperature which causes increased sweating and flushing of toxins from the body. Anyone can pick up a form irrespective of weight, a level of fitness or health history and rediscover self.

Building Muscles with Yoga

Yoga at an advanced level is great for muscle building as it packs in the proper process of strength-training that helps in building lean muscles. The Vinyasa and Hatha forms are especially useful for the purpose rather than gentle styles. It provides the body with balanced strength since it approaches the body as a unit hence building muscles all over the body without exception.

Constant repetition and using your strength in all postures is the secret behind the form. The advanced postures will require you to put in a bit of real effort and endurance to properly execute them. The muscles, mind, and body need to work together to hold any position and continue the sets without stopping. The pose, breathing, movements, and increasing flexibility have to be coordinated together to ensure muscle building and a discipline in the body and mind.

Yoga Positions

Building Core Strength

If you want to build your core strength, you need to do isometric exercises. Holding a single position for a long time without moving means employing maximum strength and focus of the body. It improves balance and flexibility and trains the body for it. Usually, a high-temperature room is necessary for practising the movements so that toxins can be flushed out of the system. Core strengthening is very important for the back muscles and improving posture.
It helps in stabilising the entire body irrespective of where you are or what you are doing. If the core of the body is neglected, then there is a greater chance of causing injury to the whole body, especially the lower back. It helps in protecting the muscles against the daily wear and tear.

Positive effects of Yoga

There are many other significant health Benefits of Yoga and it should be made a part of your everyday life. It increases the flexibility, strength, and endurance of the muscles. Holding the postures for a long time increases the stamina and physical endurance, and poor postures are corrected over time with continued effort. With better-toned muscles, you begin to look more confident and impressive. Yoga increases your fitness level and has a remarkable effect on your body.Once it becomes a part of your daily life is when you get to realise the many positive Benefits of Yoga.

However a word of caution-Though it is desirable to have positive effects from yoga it is always advisable to have a good trainer or yogi to guide you as wrong postures can do more harm than good and could even result in damages to the body which could prove to be serious in nature. So it is better to start off under the guidance of experts rather than trying out yourself.

It is, therefore, advisable to incorporate Yoga into your daily routine to stay fit and reap the immense Benefits of Yoga. Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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