Fast Food Breakfast: Do’s and Don’ts

Fast Food Breakfast: Do’s and Don’ts

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Dieting is not easy to follow and especially if you have delicious options for food in front of you. It is impossible to resist the yummy fast food that we come across in our day to day lives. You can resist for a day or two, but for how long will you be able to resist that temptation? It is very natural that you will again get back to it for the love of food!

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How about us saying that you can have your favourite fast food that is spicy & yummy and still ensure that you have had healthy food? Impossible isn’t it? Well, yes, it is possible. Of course, freedom comes with a price, and here the price that you will have to pay is to strictly follow the do’s and Don’ts that are mentioned here.

Do’s for Fast Food

• To start with a heavy breakfast is always good for the body. So you can afford to have a nice hefty grub first thing in the morning. However, you must have light meals the rest of the day.

• Mc. Donald’s: The breakfast menu at Mc. Donald is very healthy. Here we are specifically talking about the Egg Mc. Muffin. Ideally, you must choose the white Mc. Muffin as it has lowest calories compared to them all.

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• Try the Egg and Cheese croissant at Burger King. It has calories as low as 330. It is yummy and at the same time healthy.
• Starbucks fan? You must try the Spinach and Feta Breakfast Wrap. It is healthy as it has only 290 calories. You can also try steel – cut oatmeal with old fashioned rolled oats, it is just 160 calories.

• Subway Sandwiches without cheese can also be a good Breakfast option too along with Salads from Pizza Hut!

Don’t for Fast Food

• All Mc. Donald’s dishes are not healthy. While they claim that their big breakfast with hotcakes is the perfect way to start the day with but it is not. It has as many as 1090 calories and is not suitable for those with high blood pressure.

• If you are a fan of Double Croissan’wich, It has as high as 710 calories, which you surely wouldn’t want your body being pumped with.

• Yes, we know that Cranberry Orange Scone is yummy and delicious. Avoid it because it has as high as 490 calories.
Food is tempting, but to avoid the calories is also important. You must be smart enough to have the right food. As you can see, all fast foods are not bad. Just see calorie content and go ahead and enjoy your grub!

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