Food  at Work can Affect your Health !

Food at Work can Affect your Health !

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We all know that food is one of the important things that is required to grow and develop. It is also an essential element in our life to determine our productivity, i.e. how much we can work. While we are in the workplace, we barely think about what we are eating. We believe that food at that time just acts as fuel for our body. But according to various research theories- selecting the right food during your work hours can significantly enhance your cognitive performance, and quality of food at work can affect your health too!

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How Food at work and following a wrong diet can ruin your Productivity?

Food is the power or energy producer for our brain and our body. And when we consume anything, that food gets converted to glucose to create energy for our body to function. Without the proper intake of this glucose, our body and brain don’t work properly and thus, one may feel fatigued while working. This can be proved by simple experience. When we have an empty stomach, it is near to impossible to concentrate or focus on our work.

More or less every food gives us energy, but the rate at which they get absorbed by our cells can vary to a great extent. Some foods can give you instant energy, as they get absorbed by the cells faster. Foods like soda, cheese, bread or pasta can give a sudden boost to the energy level, but that doesn’t last long, and you start feeling sleepy while you work. These foods don’t allow us to focus properly on our work, dropping oxygen flow in our brain.

Why don’t people stop eating Unhealthy Foods?

Though most of us are aware of the fact what these foods do to our health, people don’t give a thought to the decision of avoiding these foods. This is mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, these foods are more appetising than healthier foods. And secondly, these foods are less in cost than healthier foods and are available within our easy reach.

It is critical to decide what to eat and at what time. It is up to your choice whether you want to eat the food that seems delicious and makes you feel fatigued after a few minutes of energy boost up, or you want to have that perfect diet that will make you feel full and also give you steady energy to work throughout the day. Healthy food at work will enhance your mood and memory, and thus, you can achieve a better place in your workplace.

Some strategies that make your workday diet a healthy one!

More or less we have got an idea of what eating habits can mark your focus on a busy working day. Now it’s time to see what can be done to ensure that we are on a healthy diet. Follow some of the strategies that can be undertaken by you to keep yourself fit and going:

• Don’t decide where to eat when you are too hungry. It ‘s nice to decide where you want to have your lunch or a snack in the morning when you reach your office. Deciding this on a full stomach will not let you eat whatever comes within your easy reach and thus you will eat healthily.

• It is always advisable to avoid fatty calorie food and fat content food. Resist from having too much of salt in your workday diet.

• Too much of food in one go can give your brain instant energy that even declines rapidly. Therefore, research says that it is better to serve your body smaller and frequent meals. This will keep you going throughout the day, providing you with steady energy.

• For mid-day snacks, you can incorporate dry fruits or fruits in your diet. They are both easy to carry and most importantly -extremely healthy.

So next time you need to indulge in the office to be careful about the food you consume at work.

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