Food that can Help You to Stay thin !

Food that can Help You to Stay thin !

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Staying fit and healthy is a dream for all. Staying fit gives the liberty to wear any clothes and most of the times it suits them pretty much. People complimented them for their fit and toned body and behaviour. On the other hand, an obese person normally has a tendency to have certain diseases which they find difficult to cope up with. A person gains confidence by staying fit and healthy. However, the problem is that an obese person finds it difficult to resist food items which are not that healthy and this, in turn, results in the addition of more calories. The good news is that certain food items can be taken to maintain a fit body. Here Are Some of these :

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• Low Churned Ice Cream:

Calorie-free foods help a great deal to keep weight and remain healthy. The ice cream should be churned many times to take out the extra calorie from it. Churning ice cream also contains proteins and calcium in it. Just 1/2 cup of ice cream can create wonders, and anyone can get a fit body.

• Cottage Cheese:

The plain cottage cheese, which is not cooked is fat-free and contains just 100 calories. It also contains a good amount of protein which is highly needed in the body. Protein in the body helps it to stay fit, and the person has chances of surviving more. Cottage cheese should be taken plain, or it can be made with some fruit to give it an added taste.


• Whole grain biscuits with Cheese:

Whole grain biscuits are one of the essential food items when it comes to staying fit and active. Whole grain biscuits contain an enormous amount of protein and calcium. Whole grain makes a person feel full and doesn’t have to eat something in between. Fat-free cheese can be taken with whole grain biscuits. This is a good combination for healthy living.

• Almonds:

It becomes necessary for some person to keep munching something every hour. Almonds are a real treat when it comes to having something. Taking around 14 almonds can help to maintain weight as it contains only 100 calories. Almonds are also rich in fibre because of which a person does not feel hungry frequently.

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• Baked Apple:

Apples are considered as very healthy and help to maintain weight. Apples in the baked form have very fewer calories in it, and it also serves the purpose of a dessert. When the apple is baked, it doesn’t lose fibre and vitamins present in it and also the taste feels heavenly.

• Frozen Mango Cubes as a Healthy Food:

Mango cubes can be purchased in the market, or it can even be cut. Mango cubes, when frozen, tastes like some candy. 3/4 cup of frozen mango cubes contains very less percentage of calorie in it and also the intake of vitamin C remains the same as that of non-frozen one.

• Yoghurt with Combination Of Sunflower Seeds:

Non-fat plain yoghurt can be taken by anyone who has plans of maintaining weight and staying fit. Sunflower seeds with yoghurt contain around 90 % of calories and also a high amount of fibre and calcium in it. Yoghurt is an excellent source of protein, so overall the whole dish becomes a dish that helps to stay fit.

Maintaining health and body helps a person to remain fit for a longer time. It gives a sense of pride when a person can maintain oneself. Having low-fat foods is one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy and fit.

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