High Fibre Foods as Breakfast

High Fibre Foods as Breakfast

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It is advisable that a heavy breakfast should be taken so that it can make a person stay full for a longer period. Breakfast must be healthy and digestive. Healthy foods should be taken in breakfast. This is the reason why many people prefer high fibre foods for breakfast. High fibre foods give the required stamina to continue with the day’s work. Breakfast time is the best time to have fibre contents in food. There are a variety of foods that are famous for the high fibre content. The list goes as follows:


Yogurt contains a whole lot of fibre in it. Many people prefer yogurt in the morning to give the required energy. Yogurt can be mixed with different kinds of fruits or nuts. Fruits also have a significant fibre content in them. Fruits like mangoes, bananas, pears can be added to yogurt to make it richer in fibre and also vitamins and minerals. Taking yogurt in breakfast solves much of the problem of fibre in foods.

• High Fibre Foods: Oatmeal as Breakfast

Oatmeal has become a very convenient form of breakfast for a lot of households. Oatmeal is easy to make and contains a huge amount of fibre in it, and it can be mixed with milk for protein intake during breakfast. With the simple oatmeal, some dried or fresh fruits can be added to it. This can give an added taste to the oatmeal and also make it healthier.

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Peanut Butter with Sandwiches:

Peanuts are considered to have high fibre content. Taking peanuts alone may not be liked by many people. One easier way to have peanut is to have peanut butter. Peanut butter can be taken at any time, whether in breakfast or during lunch. Peanut butter can also be taken alone and not necessarily be mixed with jelly. It can be used with multigrain bread to give more of fibre content in breakfast. The bread can be topped with fresh fruits.


Many people like to have the scrambled eggs which are high in protein. But, scrambled egg doesn’t provide much of fibre. The scrambled eggs can be changed by adding some green vegetables like spinach, tomatoes, etc. to the eggs. This adds the value of fibre content in the food. And it makes eggs even tastier. This filling can be used with a whole grain bread to give it a better look and taste.


During breakfast, juice can sometimes be skipped and smoothies can be tried out. They are creamy and smooth and tastes better than juice. Smoothies are made with milk or yogurt and this gives fibre content in the food. It is not necessary to add sugar. The addition of fruits like apples, bananas, etc. to the smoothie makes it sweeter.

Breakfast Cereals:

One of the common breakfast items for fibre is having cereals. Cornflakes have more fibre content in them. Milk and one fruit in the breakfast also help to add fibre in the food.

These are some of the must-try breakfast items that can make anyone feel energised for the entire day. The content of fibre in all these foods is very high.

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