How to Lose Weight when you are Staying in a Hostel?

How to Lose Weight when you are Staying in a Hostel?

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Hostel food is known for its bland taste and inability to satisfy our mood and taste buds. The dry rotis (chapatis) can give your jaw and cheekbones a good deal of exercise. In Dal, the pulses tend to settle down below while the water collects above the bowl. The same old mixed vegetable curries taste stale. No doubt, food is not the significant part of your fantastic hostel life and therefore, you tend to experiment. Munching on fried chips, preparing instant noodles in a kettle, eating a bar of chocolate, ordering food from restaurants late night, are frequent when you live in a hostel. But what does it lead to? Well, unfortunately, it leads to weight gain! If you are reading the article right now, you are probably an avid reader or a hosteller who wishes to lose weight. Do not worry; we got your back. We are back with a few tips on How to Lose Weight when you are Staying in a Hostel.

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10 Tips to Lose Weight when you are Staying in a Hostel

Do you know that losing weight while staying away from home is not a difficult task anymore? Yes, you read it right! We understand the situation, and here we are, back with another article. Follow these tips below to lose weight.

1. Drink 3 Litres of Water Every Day

Water is a powerful appetite control element, and you can effectively control your hunger pangs by having a glass of water whenever you get food cravings. Sometimes, the hunger pangs you get can be false alarms too. You can quickly get rid of these by drinking a glass of water. It will not help you lose weight but can also assist you in getting a beautiful and healthy skin.

2. Avoid Oily Foods

Parathas and pooris form an essential part of the hostel menus. Even burgers and cutlet are served in the hostel which is oily and lacks nutritional value.Food Myths

There is no denying the fact that they are tasty, but they are also carbohydrates dense. You will have to compromise with your taste buds if you wish to lose weight. Refrain from eating oily foods to lose weight. You can keep healthy snacks with you and have them whenever there an oily food is served in the mess.

3. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

You should not miss your morning meal at any cost and you must eat a healthy breakfast. A healthy and heavy breakfast is right for you. A combination of milk and oats, muesli with dry fruits etc. sprinkled on it can be an excellent way to start your day.

4. Snack on Dry Fruits

When you feel the need to eat something, you can eat dry fruits instead of eating a burger or pizza. It is better to consume healthy fats rather than saturated trans-fat that are present in a very high amount in the fried and processed snacks like burgers, pizzas, French fries etc. Peanuts, almonds, etc. are also healthy snacks that you can eat to control hunger pangs. This is one of the best ways to lose weight when you are staying in a hostel.

5. Reduce your Tea/Coffee Intake

Tea and coffee dates are an everyday part of life when you live in a hostel. Sometimes, it becomes a habit that you cannot live without. It is mandatory to keep a check on your caffeine intake for the day. One cup of tea or coffee every day is fine, but consuming more than this can take a toll on your health.


Too much caffeine intake is bad for heart health too. So instead of taking two to three cups of milk tea, you can have some healthy refreshing drinks like lemonade, green tea, or a protein smoothie.

6. Avoid Carbohydrates for Dinner

Eating heavy, carbs dense foods like rice, potato, chapati at night is not a healthy practice. We are not asking you to skip all the carbohydrates at the initial stage as we know it is quite a difficult job to do. Avoid foods such as chicken, pooris, halva, rice etc at night. You can have a green salad at night.

7. Follow Norms while Eating Out

When you step out of your hostel room to eat out, stick to some universal standards when you are on a weight loss diet. Choose brown foods over their white counterparts and go for tandoori roti instead of butter nans. Buy a packet of brown bread and keep it handy for the times when you start getting hunger pangs again.

8. Stretch and Squat

Losing weight while living in a hostel can be made possible only when you exercise. Choosing your food cannot be under your control all the time, but you can control your physical activity. You can join a gym near the hostel, or in college. If you cannot, then learn some exercises and do them in your hostel room. Yoga is one of the best kind of exercises for staying fit.

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Running, jogging, cycling, or simply walking are some options which can help you lose weight and are pocket-friendly too. This is one of the most effective ways to lose weight when you are staying in a hostel.

9. Stay Motivated

In the hostel, we meet different people and share opinions. That’s when peer pressure steps in. We would encourage you to stick to your views and follow a healthy routine. There is no need to follow a strict diet plan just because your friends are zero figured or have biceps and abs. You should try to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Treat yourself, but once in a while.

10. Have Fruit salads

We pay a hefty amount for the hostel mess and end up getting something unexpected. And if you spend all your cash on Dominos or McDonald’s, you can definitely spend some money on healthy eating. Fruits are an amazing source of vitamins and mineral, and they are also filled with all kinds of nutrients your body needs. Make sure to eat at least one fruit daily.

This was about some tips on how to lose weight when you are staying in a hostel. Remember, eating healthy is always the right choice.
We hope that you like this article. Do not forget to share this post with your family and friends. We will get back to you with another fascinating article. Until then, stay healthy, stay happy.

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