How to Reduce Extra Calories by having Effective Bedtime Snacks

How to Reduce Extra Calories by having Effective Bedtime Snacks

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Worried about putting extra weight or disrupted sleep because of snacking before bedtime. Worries can be handled if only the amount of calories you take is less than the calories you burn. While going to bed, having flavoured desserts or a scoop of ice cream isn’t something that may help in getting a sound sleep at night. This will only increase the fatigue and make you feel tired and lethargic when you get up in the morning. One should always avoid any packed snacks, citrus fruits, tomato ketchup and any food that may lead to heartburn and indigestion. Fatty foods or heavy meals may also hinder sleep as they need a lot of energy to digest.

How to Reduce Extra Calories: Avoid Skipping your Dinner

The best snack one should have at bedtime are those who are not only low in calories but contain amino acids tryptophan that helps the body to create the feel-good hormone of niacin and serotonin. Other serotonin – inducing foods include poultry, oat, and honey. One can opt for a Carbohydrate-based food.

Carbohydrate-based foods are richer in fibre, minerals and vitamin which helps to keep the tummy full for a long time avoiding fringing at night. Moreover, it helps to raise the tryptophan level in blood and consequently increases the serotonin levels in the blood making us feel drowsy. Protein based foods are sometimes hard to digest but if taken in a measured quantity may help in inducing a good healthy sleep.

Here are some snacks which can fill your stomach effectively, without increasing weight:

* Oatmeal with a small amount of double toned milk and ½ a smashed banana.
* Whole grain cereal with double toned milk.
* Whole grain cracker with a small amount of peanut butter.
* A hardboiled egg.
* Some unsalted almonds.
* Two slices of whole grain toast with a slice of low-fat cheese or a spread of almond butter.
* Low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese mixed with fruit-cherries has a naturally high melatonin which induces sleep.
* Plain popcorns and a glass of low-fat milk.
* Two slices of white meat turkey.
* Non-fat chocolate pudding cup.
* Baby carrots in a small salad.

These are some fearless suggestions against gaining calories one can opt for to have a long break free sleep.

Items to Be Avoided Completely Before Going to Bed:

* CAFFEINE: Any caffeine content product is a stimulant and best to keep oneself awake for work. Hence, if you want a good sleep at night, avoid coffee or any other food or drink having caffeine content.

* ALCOHOL: Alcohol, according to some, help in inducing sleep. But studies have revealed that the initial effects of alcohol bring drowsiness and makes people fall asleep, but it causes a disruption in the later part of sleep. Moreover, it has very less nutritional value which cannot keep one full throughout the long night. Besides this, we are well aware of the ill effects of having alcohol.

* LARGE, HEAVY MEALS: Personally some people prefer to have a large meal before going to bed, as this may help them to be full till morning. But studies say, a heavy meal promotes acid reflux and often becomes an issue for gaining weight. Thus, it is best to choose a low-fat light meal before bedtime.

* PACKED FOODS: Packed foods such as soups or flavoured crackers or juices are often adulterated. They are high in sugar, salt or fat. Thus detesting all factors of having a good sleep. Most importantly they have very low nutritional value leading to various problems of indigestion.

* CITRUS FRUITS: They are highly acidic and are the worst choices before bed.

Instead of consuming these items before going to bed, you may consume them at other time during the day. Simply change your eating habits.Having the right snack at the right time will help in cutting down the extra fats from your body quite easily!