How to Stay Healthy while Traveling for Business

How to Stay Healthy while Traveling for Business

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Travelling for work or backpacking across continents doesn’t mean that your fitness regimen and the dietary plan will go for a toss! If you have zeal, then even during those crazy rush hours, you will be able to squeeze out some time to exercise. Go through the following 4 points to Stay Healthy While Travelling for Business

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Pack up some lightweight instruments

much-needed by far the most important part of being fit while travelling. Including those heavyweight dumbbells in your suitcase would be difficult, but you can pack your hand towel, Thera-band, jumping rope and a pair of sports shoes amidst the heaps of clothes. Don’t forget about those DVDs about exercising with minimal equipment or none at all. If you are addicted to protein powder/snack, then let them in also.

Look for Healthy Foods all the time

Yes, we know that food is an integral part of any trip of yours. But if you don’t want to pile up on those extra kilos once your trip is over, you better check out the food items if you go for binge-eating. The rule is straightforward and clear: stay away from the McDonald’s or KFCs of the world and visit the quality local restaurants.

Some good apps help you to locate the nearest healthy dine-in option in your new locality. If you are visiting a rural area or a not so developed region, then make sure that you eat only, cooked, hot food and drink only bottled water- as you can’t be sure about the quality of the raw veggies and tap-water.


Stay Healthy While Traveling: Jog, Stretch and Ride

Jogging, stretching and riding on are the three most common and popular forms of exercises for the traveller’s world over. Once you have checked-in at your hotel- look for trails, parks or open fields near it. Ask the hotel reception to give you some lead. Start early in the morning before your family members wake up and go for a few rounds of jogging. You can also do some stretching exercises inside your hotel room or in the park that will relieve you from joint pains, -which occur once you sit on a plane or train for too long. Lastly, to explore a city better- you just need a bicycle and a map. While the latter will give you direction; the former will give your tummy, your thighs and muscles some much-needed push and pull.


Meditation before sleep

Travelling- whether it’s for business or pleasure, can bring upon a gamut of stress and other anxiety-inducing factors in life. Mere 10-minute meditation on your hotel bed will make you feel immensely calm and in complete control of your surroundings. If possible, you can take some chanting CDs along with your baggage.

Running them on the loop while you are meditating every night will make your vacation or travel period more meaningful. If you are living in a home-stay, then you may request the host to arrange some incense sticks for you which you can light up in your room to make the ambience purer.

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