The Layman’s Guide to Dieting

The Layman’s Guide to Dieting

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Dieting is something which each one of us should follow to have a fit and healthy life. Dieting means to deprive the body of certain foods and other things and to replace them with something different but of equal nutritional value. Proper dieting leads to weight loss. Wrong and inappropriate dieting, on the other hand, can prove fatal. It can cause more harm than just weight loss.

Maintaining a healthy and proper diet is not always easy. In the busy schedule, people tend to eat whatever is readily available. Nobody checks if the food is high in carbs or protein. On the other hand, everybody wants to look slim and trim. So how about having a diet chart? This way a person can keep track of what he or she is consuming even in an unmindful manner. Keeping certain points in mind might prove beneficial for the one who is dieting. The points are as follows.

Understanding Homeostasis :

The body always tries to maintain a stable as well as healthy equilibrium, no matter what the physical condition is. The body attempts to keep the balance even when one is not in a sober state or is sick.While one cuts down the carbs or the calories from the diet, the body tends to relate to it and helps to burn down the fat, thus resulting in weight loss. But it also maintains an optimal balance of the body at the same time so that one does not fall ill.

Severe actions have serious consequences:

If something drastic is done, it may prove fatal. Replacing one fatty food with another food which is not high in calories is fine, but if someone skips a meal completely to get thin, then it is not dieting at all. This way the body loses its immunity which may lead to several diseases. The entire thing should be done gradually. Suddenly stopping a meal or suddenly adding more items in your diet chart is not the way to do it.This way the body fails to adapt to the drastic changes which are taking place abruptly and instead of getting slim the person tends to gain weight or becomes weak.

Never outsmart the body:

The body usually tries to maintain an optimal balance even when it goes through certain changes. It works in its own way to produce the desired results but hardly gets manipulated. Welcoming the natural processes’ of the body is a big thing. Several people do not encourage this change and try to fix their diet in a different way, thus falling weak. The body adapts to all the changes that go through it but gradually and not at once.

Fad diets:

To remain healthy, one must follow a regular and proper diet and to get the best results, one must work out on a daily basis. Consistency matters the most in this case. An equal amount of calories should be included in the diet in comparison to the amount which is being burnt. But, the replacement should be done with foods which are not high in carbs but low in it. Maintaining a diet for some days and then going back to the earlier improper diet is not the way. Maintaining a consistency will make one get the desired results.

Instead of dieting, make it a lifestyle:

Instead of dieting and then dropping it altogether, it’s better to make it a part of your lifestyle and maintaining that diet throughout the life. This way a consistency is maintained throughout the life and one remains healthy and fit too.

Diet Pills:

Although there are several substitutes for foods which are available in the form of Diet pills like omegas, fish oils, etc., they do not give the result which one expects to get. They do work as an add-on, but they should not be used as an alternative to a particular food. Had the pills been that effective, then everybody would have consumed pills instead of dieting and workouts.
So, if one keeps these points in mind and follows the dietary routine, one will look slim and at the same time will be physically fit too.

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