The Weight Loss Journey and Tips to Lose Weight

The Weight Loss Journey and Tips to Lose Weight

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Losing weight is a journey that requires dedication and determination. Most of the people fail to achieve the desired weight at the end because; they tend to achieve bigger goals. If you think that you need to lose 6 Kg’s in a month, then it can create a mounting pressure on you. But losing 2 Kg’s within 30 days doesn’t seem so intimidating. To make the journey fun and bearable, you need to develop some good habits and include them in your daily routine.Here are some Tips to Lose Weight

Tips to Loose Weight with  Good Habits 

We all keep hearing about habits like quitting smoking and alcohol, drinking plenty of water or exercising 140 minutes a week- benefits one to keep in shape. But if you think that you can wake up one morning and start doing them, it’s not so easy. This is a gradual process. The following means can enlighten you about how small habits are related to losing weight.

Narrow them down

Narrowing your goals down is an intelligent way in the long run. If you are a chain smoker, then you can’t stop it all at once. If previously you used to smoke 12 cigarettes per day, cut the number down to 7-8, then 5-6 and so on. One fine morning, you will realize that you are not feeling the thirst of having a smoke at all!

Keep them Realistic

Keeping your habits grounded and realistic is another method. You may have heard from many sources that green, leafy vegetables are instrumental for weight loss. If you have detested vegetables all your life and are more of a meat person, then it’s not possible to have large servings of green veggies every day. So do one thing. Have one serving of veggies during your lunch. Once you do it for 15 days at a stretch, you can start having small amounts of veggies at dinner also. This way, your system will be accustomed to healthy eating but in a realistic way.

Tips to Lose Weight: Bring motivation into the Picture

Motivating yourself is a constant process. You can listen to YouTube videos of your favorite fitness-free celebs for inspirations. Keep reading blogs where people share their weight-loss journey. Best, shop for dresses that are 1 or 2 sizes small and keep them in your closet in such a way- they play the parts of motivating you to lose weight.

Don’t make them Complicated

Good habits have to be simple and flexible. You don’t need to make it overly complicated that in turn may jeopardize your finances or mental peace. Many health experts put emphasis on including exotic fruits, spices or organic products in the daily diet. But in reality, those ingredients are pretty expensive. So it’s better to formulate your eating habit in such a way- that goes lightly on your pocket, and you don’t have to run from pillar to post for cooking healthily.

Seek Aid

Incorporating your close friends, relatives or family members into picture may accelerate your journey of weight loss. When you feel dejected or let-down, they will come to your aid by giving pep-talks and motivating you constantly to push harder.

Keep talking to yourself

Keep talking to yourself about your goals in the weight loss journey. You may also keep a small diary to pen down your thoughts as well as daily calorie intakes. Being in tune to your inner-self reaps great benefits.