Top 7 Diet Myths and Facts you need to know

Top 7 Diet Myths and Facts you need to know

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When you intend to follow a diet plan you are bound to get a lot of advice as to what to eat and what not to. It’s really difficult to pick the best option among so many advices. Moreover, there are many myths regarding diet that people blindly follow some of them. So, first of all, you need to find out which ones is a myth and what are the facts. Some diet myths can also prove to be dangerous. So it’s better to stay clear of those dangerous myths. Following are some of the Diet myths and the real truth behind them.


It’s a common myth that fasting can help you lose weight faster. People think that they can lose extra calories if they skip their meal and go in for a crash diet. It’s a totally false notion to hold on to. Regular fasting or skipping your meal can make you feel sick and tired very easily. You may also feel dizzy and won’t be able to take the regular pressure of work. So, it’s better to eat healthy food instead of starving to maintain your fitness.

Eat fat-burning Foods

Do you think food can burn fat? The answer is a big‘no’. You should know that food doesn’t have the capacity to burn fat. Veggies and fruits like celery, cabbage, lemon; orange, etc. are rich in vitamin C. They only help in increasing the Metabolic Rate of our Body. Well, you can always eat fresh fruits and veggies instead of eating deep fried foods. This may help you lose some weight.


Don’t eat nuts; they have Fat

Another Diet myths that people tend to follow is that nuts are unhealthy when you are on a diet as they contain fat. It is entirely wrong to think that way. Nuts are rich is healthy fats, minerals, proteins, fibres and many vitamins, which are useful in building up your body. Therefore, it is always recommended by the doctors and physical trainers to have nuts, as it keeps your body going throughout the day.

More exercise, more Weight Loss

People think that more exercise can make you lose more weight. That is not correct. Yes, exercise helps in burning out the excess calorie that you gather every day. But that doesn’t mean if you use more you will lose more weight in a single day. Exercise to the extent that your body can take up. Too much exercise can have adverse effects on your body. Moreover, Maintain the amount of Calorie Intake and exercise accordingly. This will keep you fit and healthy and even help you lose the extra weight that you have gathered over a period.


Weight Loss Products and Diet Pills

Nowadays people are prone to accept the products that are available in the market to lose their weight. But do you know these products and pills can have adverse effects on your health? It may happen that you could start losing weight initially, but, in the long run, these products and pills can become a cause of massive heart problems and end up giving you terrible diseases.

Diet Myths: Eat late, gain Fat

Well, this is not at all true. It’s the amount you eat and what you eat that matters in gaining or losing your weight. The fact behind this myth is that in the night our body tends to become less active thus whatever we eat at that time makes the digestion slower thus our body may gain some weight. But, if you are active enough and have the right quantity of the right food, then nothing can make you put on more weight.

You can get rid of  Fat by Drinking More Water

To sustain water is important, but that doesn’t mean water can flush out fat from our body. But of course, a glass of water is much better than a can of sweetened beverage. Water keeps you hydrated and helps you be in the right spirits.

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