Top Fitness Apps and Tools to Stay Healthy & Fit

Top Fitness Apps and Tools to Stay Healthy & Fit

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Are you looking for motivation, steps, and guidelines to gladden and revitalize your burning desire to lose those extra flaps of fats and muscles that your body has accumulated over a long period? Does the idea of eating appropriately and efficiently during a day run continuously in your mind and you end up getting abashed unable to decide what to eat and what not to? What all exercises to do and what should be the proper intensity of working out, are all the thoughts that trouble your soul and mind repeatedly, right?
Fear not friends, Here are some of the most effective and helpful fitness apps in India which can be found on your smartphones and can undoubtedly be your guiding partner to achieve your fitness goal.

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Here goes the List of Popular Fitness Apps in India

• MyFitnessPal 

One of the foremost and premium health apps in India which will expedite you in nurturing your fitness and health and guard you in losing the right amount of weight in the exact places. Since exercises and a balanced diet go hand – in – hand, MyFitnessPal knows how to instruct you about the right kind of food and the exact quantity of food to eat, simultaneously providing you with the necessary and appropriate physical exercises and activities to tone up your physique. ‘Calorie Counter’ is another option for you guys! This app will keep a check on the total amount of calories you are consuming on a daily basis, thus warning of the excess or scarcity. This app is free for the Android users. So, download it right away!

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• The 7-Minute Workout 

The name of this app seems plausible, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want to get that awesome fitness by just sweating out for 7 minutes? That’s what this app does by aiding you in reducing your belly fat, losing those hip and thigh muscles and strengthening your cores by hoarding a large set of exercises for your comfort, which requires minimum or no equipment at all. The classic workout for that all-around strength, abs workout, butt and leg workout are some of the categories that make it a reliable and faithful workout partner for you.

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• 30-Day Fitness Challenge Workout – Lose Weight

Are you in a dire need of toning up your body for an upcoming wedding celebration, or a beach party with your friends, or a big ceremonial event? Worry not, because this app is here to help you in achieving this goal in just 30 days. The part of this app is that it includes all the required steps which can be easily done at your home. Different challenges are set for you, varying from the level of a beginner to a pro, thus providing you with a wider zone to select from. Weight tracking, training progress recorder, short workouts in the form of HIIT are some of the specialities, which make it a preferable and amusing journey for you!

• Healthify Weight Loss Coach

It is one of the most Popular Fitness Apps in India. This app offers you a wider selection range from among 100,000 Indian foods, simultaneously keeping track of your meals, intake of nutrients, proteins, vitamins and other necessary healthy ingredients. According to your demand, you can have access to personalised exercise and food plans which includes a platform of fitness teams, nutritionists, yoga coaches with whom you can have recurrent contacts as well. Just set your goal with their personalised workouts and diet schedules, keep a check on the calories burned or gained, have a constant guide in the form of coaches, all via this app, and chronicle the development that your health undergoes.

Fitness Apps in India

• MyPlate Calorie Tracker

The next time you are in two minds about deciding the finest dish to dine upon, don’t forget to have a quick glimpse of the options available in this app. With over 2 million food items, you can now generate customised meals, review your nutrition and water intake which is mandatory to be tracked, for a healthier physique. From setting up meal reminders, providing walking, running and biking activities, monitoring your heart rates, generating personalised work-out details, to offering you timely motivation from the fellow members, this app should be treasured on your Android phones.

If you are a gadget-freak and fitness-obsessed rolled into one- then this fitness phone should be apt for you. Some leading global mobile manufacturers have recently launched smartphones in the market with special software that offers fitness services. One may raise an eyebrow about how this phone may work; but if you are glued to your mobile phone, then why not bank on it for achieving your goal? From animated fitness coach to BMI calculator, from calorie counters to exercise-tracker- these health phones will come handy to you. But do keep it in mind that they are slightly expensive.

Apart from the above 4 tips; there are wireless body monitor, video games, food phone service that can be counted among high-tech tools for weight loss. Choose one that values your time, effort and in some cases, money also!

Mobile Application

4 High-Tech Weight Loss Calculator Tools

Losing weight is a tedious process that needs constant motivation and energy. Following tedious diets and monotonous workout can help you in weight loss. Even if you find an ally, there is no guarantee that he/she will be with you always for a long period. In this scenario, high-tech Weight Loss Calculator Tools can come to your rescue. Some of them are paid, and some are not. Select one of the followings that suit you the best.


A daily diet tip or workout advice via a text message will keep you on track. The leading telecommunication companies have the subscription facilities for weight-watchers; where they can receive weight-loss information on a regular basis. You may have to spend some money to buy this subscription, but it is worth the money. On the other hand, the online issues of health magazines/blogs offer the readers daily instructions on weight loss. So when you open your e-mail account in the morning, you shall be delighted to acquire such nugget of wisdom.

Mobile Applications

Mobile apps are akin to a real-life food diary. From penning down your everyday calorie intake to keeping records of work-out and monthly weight loss- a cutting-edge app will do them all. There are many efficient apps for smartphones. All you require is to do a Google search quickly and enlist their names. MapMyfitness is one such app that charts out your daily workout and diet- from a to z.

Online Communities

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are super instrumental if you believe in exchanging fitness-related ideas with others. There are multiple communities in Facebook where the weight-watchers join, share and motivate each other. Twitter is also a fantastic medium as many leading nutritionists and dieticians share tips and nuggets of fitness-related advice on Twitter. You can also delve into various health blogs for further inspiration. You may upload your photos once you hit a milestone in your weight-loss journey. Online media and virtual communities have immense potential -where you get to meet many like-minded people. Whenever you feel dejected or let-down at any one point of time, your virtual friends will instantly live your mood up.

Health Phone as a Weight Loss Calculator

If you wholeheartedly want to shed those layers of fats from your body, in the midst of all the office works and rush hours, your smartphone is the favourite and prominent part of your journey. In this modern era, mobile phones are a saviour for those who cherish to work out more often, without compromising with their hectic work timeline. So, guys get those legs and arms moving soon and with the help of fitness apps listed above because it’s never too late to start eating right and working out.And then not to forget we at take special care to bring a series of write-ups on fitness. So keep glued to our site without spending a penny and enjoy being fit. Preventive Health Checkup

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