How Walking can help People suffering from Diabetes?

How Walking can help People suffering from Diabetes?

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Diabetes mellitus also referred to as Diabetes, marks the disorders of metabolism in which there are high blood sugar levels over a very long time. It’s a lifelong disease. The symptoms of the high blood sugar level include frequent urination, increased hunger and thirst. Diabetes may cause many complications in future. Such complications include chronic heart disease, foot ulcers, stroke, loss of sight and eventually death. Most people with Diabetes have type 2. In type 2, previously referred to as “Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes, the body cells fail to respond properly to the insulin produced. With the progression of the disease, the levels of insulin start decreasing. Excessive body weight and no movement are the most common causes.


Why is Walking Important for People suffering from Diabetes?

Go for a walk daily! Walking is easy, inexpensive and very efficient exercise for people who have Type 2 Diabetes. Exercise for a diabetic person is equally important as controlling the diet. A person should walk for roughly about 4500 steps a day. Individuals who indulge in walking 10000 steps a day seem to experience better health. Walking after meals is also very significant as it reduces After-meal Glucose. Walking every day is associated with a lower body-mass index and waist-hip ratio. Also, it leads to better insulin sensitivity. Even people who do not have diabetes should walk or exercise daily for about 30 minutes to ward off the risk of Diabetes.
Walking is necessary but walking for formality is not. One must opt for brisk walking to maintain the body weight. Walking at a brisk pace increases your heart rate which then acts as a workout for your heart and lungs. Brisk walking also helps in burning more calories.

The Benefits of Walking

Benefits of Walking

Is it get difficult for you to indulge yourself in walking? Do you try to avoid walking as much as you can? Well, you shouldn’t. Here’s why.
• Reduced blood glucose levels.
• The ability of the body to utilise Insulin improves.
• Walking promotes
• Walking reduces the stress level.
• Walking strengthens the bones and muscles.

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• Walking improves blood pressure and decreases bad cholesterol.
• It’s safe and risks free form of physical activity.
If you’re not an active individual, then you should try walking for shorter durations and then for longer durations. You can increase the time span for walking when you start becoming comfortable with this routine.

How to increase your steps?

It’s difficult to walk. You find it annoying, but you can’t stop it because your doctor told you to walk. You’ve been trying for very long, but walking doesn’t seem to gain your interest. We understand. We give you easy and straightforward ways which will help you opt for walking. Here they are.

Tips for Walkers

• Warm up walking at a slower pace and then at a reasonable pace. Do this for 3-5 minutes.
• Stretch before and after you’re done walking. It will help you stay flexible.
• Maintain your posture. Look forward rather than looking down at the ground with your chin and head high.
• Wear good shoes that are designed for walking or exercising for more comfort and to prevent injuries.
• Drink water all day to stay hydrated.
• Switch your routine. Moving slowly for a few days and fastly on the others help to build endurance.

Walking is an important exercise and not just a diabetic, but everybody should go for it on a regular basis to stay fit and healthy and lead better lives. So Guys incorporate a healthy lifestyle and go in for regular Health Checkups to Stay Happy forever!

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