How to Lose Weight without going to The Gym

How to Lose Weight without going to The Gym ?

09-06-2019   |  

There is no denying the fact that exercise is really very important when it comes to Weight Loss or staying Fit. However, the fact of the matter is that not all tend to do so for one reason or the other.In fact, a report says that 42% of the world population say they just do not have the time for fitness. Also when it comes to achieving fitness-we talk about going to Gyms or for a Morning walk, but there are things which you can do in your daily . Read more...

Fastest Way to get rid of belly fat

Know The Fastest Way to Get Rid of Belly Fat at Home!

02-08-2018   |  

Belly fat is not just unattractive, it is also worse for your health. We all want a toned, flat belly and if you think it’s just you who want to look sexy and slim, then you are completely mistaken. Many people who have a round shaped belly want to lose weight and get a flat belly. The funny thing is that women and men still believe that doing crunches alone can help them lose all of their belly fat. Crunching is not anymore the most effective . Read more...

Use Green Tea for Weight Loss

What are the Ways to Use Green Tea for Weight Loss?

27-06-2018   |  

Last year when I came to know that drinking green tea can make us lose weight, I started drinking 2 - 3 cups of hot green tea mixed with lemon every day. And the results shocked me! I lost 2 kgs in a month – Yes, a month! Whenever I flipped through channels, I saw advertisements for Green Tea and how it helps people lose weight. All I did was pat my back for having resort to drinking green tea for weight loss. The question is, does green tea re. Read more...

Gym vs Yoga

Gym vs Yoga: Which One is Better for Weight Loss?

11-06-2018   |  

Gym vs Yoga: Which one is better to lose weight? People who start a fitness regime always get confused between the two. Most people want quick weight loss results, and that is why they are not able to decide whether they should opt for gym or yoga. Both have their benefits, and today we are going to understand which one is better for weight loss. . Read more...

The DASH Diet

The DASH Diet is the No 1 Diet for Heart Health, say health experts!

19-05-2018   |  

Eating healthy is the key to weight loss, but how to know which diet plan is the best? Well, fortunately, we now know the best diet for weight loss and heart health. New annual rankings from U.S News & World Report revealed that the best diets for 2018 is a tie, with the DASH diet and Mediterranean Diet in the first place. U.S News & World Report put together a panel of food & health experts to rank 40 diets on a range of measures, li. Read more...

Tips to get a Smaller Waist

Tips to Get a Smaller Waist in a Week

11-05-2018   |  

Getting a slimmer waist is everybody’s dream. But, it is not at all easy to lose weight around the belly and get a slimmer waist. One needs to say ‘No’ to junk food, exercise and follow a strict diet routine to get that perfectly shaped figure just like your favourite actress. Here are some tips to get a smaller waist in 7 days. Note- If you have gained all of a sudden, . Read more...

Baking Soda for Weight Loss

How to Use Baking Soda for Weight Loss?

19-04-2018   |  

Baking soda does more than just enhancing the taste and texture of foods. Baking soda can also be used for weight loss. Yes, you heard it right! Baking soda improves digestion, purifies the liver, regulates the levels of bad cholesterol in the body, and burns calories. If you want to burn fat around the tummy and get a slimmer. Read more...

Lose Weight With Lemon

No Exercise, No Diet: Lose Weight with Lemon in No Time!

13-04-2018   |  

Do you want to lose weight without exercising and dieting? If the answer is yes, then you must add lemons to your diet. Lemon is one of the best foods for weight loss. It contains vitamin C, fibre and nutrients that boost body’s immune system, improves metabolism, and burns calories. It has been scientifically proved that lemon helps in burning body fat. We are aware of the fact that drinking warm with lemon and honey in the morning on an empty. Read more...